The Odeon site and browsers

  octal 07:06 27 Jun 2005

After reading a recent thread I thought I would try this site that doesn't seem to be working in some browsers click here

It works in Opera, IE and Konqueror.

It doesn't work in Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla 1.7.3 or Epiphany which is based on Mozilla. So it seems Mozilla generally is the problem, unless someone is getting different results?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:55 27 Jun 2005

Going nowhere for me on Firefox...

  octal 13:47 27 Jun 2005

Its interesting I can get it working in Opera because I've had problems with it accessing certain sites, so much so I gave up on it, till I downloaded the latest version and now it seems to open anything. Good for them.

  Ironman556 14:10 27 Jun 2005

Somewhere on the firefos add-ins page there's a file to add "Open this page in IE" when you left click on a page. If I ever come across anything that doesn't work I just left click and re-open the page in IE. Seems to be drop down menus that don't have "go" buttons that it gets stuck with.

  Ironman556 14:12 27 Jun 2005


  octal 15:14 27 Jun 2005

I run Linux so that extension won't work, although I can run IE, it’s a separate entity and not integrated into the system like it is in Windows.

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