Odd wifi problems ! Pls, Help me

  tompilitowski 11:56 02 Jan 2018

Hi i've had this problem for a while. I can message on messenger app on my phone without problems but searching on google or streaming videos ( youtube or netflix) from my phone laptop or desktop both wired or through wifi usually doesn't work. I say usually because it works occasionally for a few hours or even a week once. Rebooting my modem/router has worked once or twice but usually doesn't. I called my provider and had my router replaced after my IT technician of a brother had a look at it and recommended it but the problem persists.

This all started a few months back but before that we could happily play 2 fps games like battlefield, COD or overwatch (xbox one/360) or stream from multiple devices.

Thanks for any suggestions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:54 02 Jan 2018

I suggest you try changing the filters on any equipment you have connected to your line or at least try with everything except the PC disconnected.

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