Odd "walkie talkie" problem pasting data from IE6

  [DELETED] 15:42 02 Dec 2003

I've recently started getting a very strange problem when I highlight some date in IE6, copy it, and paste it into Word or Outlook. Instead of poasting what I copied, it pastes a very small image that looks liek a walkie talkie or mobile phone. If I go back to IE6 and copy again, paste then works as it should. This started affecting both my home and work machines at around the same time. WinXP Pro running on both, Office 2000 at work, Office XP at home. Any ideas?

  [DELETED] 17:38 02 Dec 2003

Can you right mouse click on the image and have a look at the properties, it may give some indication of what it is.


  [DELETED] 17:24 06 Dec 2003

Hi Valvegrid

In Word, it has no properties - it's just a small image, probably an icon. Pasted into Paint Shop Pro, it appears as 16x16 pixel, 256 colour image with 10 colours actually used. I suspect that doesn't help any...

  woodchip 17:44 06 Dec 2003

Yep just an icon

  [DELETED] 15:13 15 Dec 2003

...the problem doesn't just happen when copying from the net - it also appears when copying between Office applications, always with the same rule: copy again and it works as it should. I'm beginning to think it's related to the Office multiple clipboard, so I'm going to turn that off for a while.

  Taff36 15:22 15 Dec 2003

...the problem doesn't just happen when copying from the net - Oh yes it does !

Sometimes when I copy part of a thread on this forum it happens. I think it may be something to do with frames & / or placeholders but it is a guess>

  [DELETED] 09:23 31 Dec 2003

(I said it doesn't 'just' happen when copying from the net.)

I've noticed when copying into a text only application that sometimes nothing is pasted, which I put down to finger trouble and recopied; now I realise that the clipboard contained this icon, which doesn't paste into a text app.

This is a REALLY annoying problem. I still think it's related to the multiple clipboard, however having investigated, I don't think it can be turned off without deinstalling Office entirely (it doesn't seem to be an optional component, and all the queries on the net are about how to stop it popping up automatically.)

  Taff36 11:04 31 Dec 2003

Sorry - I did slightly misread it. However, as you say by repeating the copy and paste usually gets the right result and the more I come across the problem I`m convinced it is to do with copying a piece of code from the web page along with the text we actually want to copy - this produces the icon.

Now Office Clipboard. (I have XP Pro & Office Pro) Help suggests opening Word and then showing the clipboard Viewer. EDIT>OFFICE CLIPBOARD. The icon is there as usual so at the top pane click CLEAR ALL and it disappears. At the bottom click OPTIONS and you select your options - I think deselecting everything should turn everything off until you repeat the exercise.

Good Luck!

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