odd sleeping behaviour?

  meniscus 16:44 17 Nov 2005

My pc is attached to the college network and ive set standby(S3 version in Bios)to 1 min in the power management options screen. After 1 minute of inactivity the pc goes into standby as expected. After 10 to 15 seconds it fully powers up again and the whole cycle repeats itself! What is happening?

Also when i try to access the pc remotely from another desktop and then after im finished copying over files, the pc wont re-enter standby mode! Why is this?

  Skyver 16:48 17 Nov 2005

Have you checked any WakeOnLAN settings in BIOS or NIC drivers?

  meniscus 16:55 17 Nov 2005

yes ive set the "Wake up by pci card" to enable in the power management settings in the bios. Otherwise it wouldnt let me remotely access the pc at all! Is it just network activity that is waking it up from standby the whole time? But why wont it re-enter standby when iv finished with remote access?

  Skyver 16:59 17 Nov 2005

Not too sure, I've never tried it out. This may help click here
or take a look through these click here

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