Odd problem in Windows

  nedrick 16:32 13 May 2003

I have an ageing but good PC (500MHz, 128MB RAM, Win98) that works fine but has one slight flaw that has got worse over the apst few weeks.

When you first startup and open a folder, it takes around 60seconds for the folder to open. While it opens, the computer freezes but always comes around to work.

This only happens the first time you open a folder.

  Llyn 16:40 13 May 2003

I suggest that the first thing you do is a scan disk, and then a defragmentation. Also check your temporary files folder and perhaps empty it. If you are on 500 mHz it is possible that you don't have enough memory. Have you considered upgrading your motherboard to a faster processor, and also increasing the amount of RAM that you have?

  nedrick 16:46 13 May 2003

I have done a scandisk and a defrag quite recently. The temp folders are empty bar less than 5MB.

I had not thought of upgrading, the PC still works perfectly for my other needs. Its just when opening the first folder of the session.

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