odd problem, italics appearing everywhere

  Shorty123 18:13 20 Feb 2007


Our PC (Windows XP Home) has been behaving oddly recently.

We have AVG Free, zonealarm, spybot and ad-aware as our protection.

The last few days, zonealrm appears to have "forgotten" everything we have allowed permission to and told it to remember. We are having to redo them all. It still keeps forgetting some we have ticked and allowed yet again.

Around the same time, tons of italics have started appearing...eg our homepage is google. The links above and below the search box are now in italics, as is anything we type in the search box. In zonealarm, the allow and deny boxes are in italics and I dont think they used to be. In ad-aware some of the instructions/links are now in italics.

I have run all my anti virus and spyware and got rid of a couple of things spybot picked up that had changed registry values, but the problems persist.

Again since this has been happening, my somn has found World of Warcraft online game unplayable due to high latency and time lag.

Any ideas or advice gratefully received.

last time i used ms update my zonealarm forgot my permisions brother in law had more problems with ms update did you update to ie7 click here

  Shorty123 18:34 20 Feb 2007

Yes I updated to IE 7 a while ago and had no problems...also I haven't had any ms updates that coincide with this happening.

i recently had a trojan on my system that zonealarm couldn't see gudgulf sent me this link it worked a treat try this click here

  Shorty123 18:45 20 Feb 2007

Thanks for that handyd, I am downloading it now and will run it and report back.

  VoG II 18:56 20 Feb 2007

click here possibly.

  Shorty123 19:21 20 Feb 2007

VoG, thanks I am having a look at that.

Handyd I ran that anti spyware thing, it found 74 adware.tracking cookies and 1 adware.spyware labs thing. I removed them, rebooted...still got the same problems.

  Shorty123 19:23 20 Feb 2007

VoG, how do I chedck which fonts I have on my pc? Thanks.

  VoG II 19:28 20 Feb 2007

The simplest way is to look in c:\windows\fonts

  Shorty123 19:32 20 Feb 2007

Ok, thanks I looked and I have all the four verdana's fonts mentioned on that link.

Emails are sometimes coming through to me in italics as well, even when the person sending it has not sent it in italics.


  Shorty123 12:45 26 Feb 2007

Well for no apparent reason the italics problem has suddenly gone, but I am still getting an awful lot of alerts from zonealarm, re changed programmes etc trying to access the inetrnet when I know they haven't been changed deliberately....and programmes I have ticked to remember and allow are still popping us.

Is it possible this is some deep worm or trojan that my security hasn't detected?

My son is still having a lot of strange problems with his online game.


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