Odd noises

  TOMKATE 13:52 25 Apr 2003

I can hear odd whirring noises from inside my PC.
Beind an OAP who is not too well up on PCs could I ask for some help please? I do not wish to lose all my information collected over the last 4 years. Can I down load to a device, have my HD replaced and then reload?
Thanks Tom

  PA28 14:00 25 Apr 2003

Hi Tom. Ths may be no more than a fan running dry, but you're right to be concerned as, depending on the age of your machine, a hard drive failure could be on the cards. Any other symptoms - like error messages, system crashes, etc? 4 years is not that old for a computer (although it's a lifetime in the development of the technology), so you may be OK - see below.

First step is to protect your existing data - do you have a CD-R that you can write your files to? Programs don't matter as you have the original installation disks to reinstall from should the worst happen.

Having protected your data, might I (respectfully) suggest that you have a word with a local computer shop or group - they can diagnose for you and replace any defective components and reinstall from your old drive if necessary.

  Andsome 16:44 25 Apr 2003

If you really do need a new hard drive, and are happy that the computer is running OK, then your local shop or a friend could ghost everything onto a new hard drive.

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