Odd Mouse Movements

  rogertjj 14:53 07 Jun 2004

This has been annoying me or a while now, so I I thought I'd ask the experts, and see if anyone has any idea of whats causing it.

Randomly, the cursor will jump to the edge of the screen when ever I am doing something with the mouse. For example, I am about to click on a link on a web page, and the cursor flies to the top left of the screen. I have run Ad-aware, Spybot and AVG. All found nothing. It doesn't only happen when using one application, and I haven;t installed anything new recently. Anyone have any idea what might be causing the problem ?

All help greatly appreciated

  rogertjj 14:57 07 Jun 2004

Forgot to mention : Running XP Home, AMD XP3000, 512MB RAM, 120GB HDD with Optial Mouse (corded)

  Taff36 14:58 07 Jun 2004

What kind of mouse is it? Wireless / Optical / touchpad (on a laptop)? or traditional ?

  rogertjj 14:59 07 Jun 2004

optial = Optical

  Totally-braindead 15:06 07 Jun 2004

My optical mouse did this and I've been wracking my brains as to why it did it and how I cured it. If I remember correctly it was the driver software for my A4 tech mouse that caused the problem, I changed it to a PS2 compatible mouse using the microsoft driver and since then its been perfect.

  Taff36 15:14 07 Jun 2004

Yes I think totally-braindead isn`t - I mean he`s right. This cured it for me too. Simply downloaded the latest Logitech driver in my case and it worked fine with XP.

  mole44 18:44 07 Jun 2004

if its a mouse with a rf reciever try moving the reciever away from either the monitor or computer base unit

  Simsy 19:10 07 Jun 2004

It may be that the batteries need replacing.



  Graham ® 19:37 07 Jun 2004

You may have Crazy Mouse! click here

  rogertjj 07:38 08 Jun 2004

Thanks for all the replies, installing the latest Logitech drivers seemed to do the trick.

Graham ® :) Like the idea of the 'Crazy Mouse'!!!

  rogertjj 10:57 08 Jun 2004

Now, when I say 'seemed to do the trick' I actually lied. I am still having the same problems, and it is really annoying.

Does anyone have any idea what this may be...and it's not the 'Crazy Mouse' :)

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