odd internet/computer freeze once a month

  steve3245 22:46 18 Dec 2016

hi all

I have a dell inspiron 660 . it's about 5 years old i have had no problems but over the last 3 months I have had about 6 freezes .

what tends to happen is that my router shows there is an internet connection , but a program I use shows that there isn't . the computer appears to be frozen but the mouse still moves . if I try to shut down the computer from the start menu it doesn't work , I have to hold the power button for about 10 seconds for it to turn off , when it does turn off there is no shutting down , it's like pulling the plug out .

I have run windows ram test , dell diagnostic test and both reported no hardware problems .

would anyone know what might be the problem or how I can run tests to find out what it may be ?.

many thanks for reading and any help you may have for me .


  steve3245 22:53 18 Dec 2016

i should add that the reliability history has never recorded any problems either

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