Wulfrune 20:06 28 Nov 2003

Even though I filter it out with the truely amazing Mailwasher program, there's still a lot a people that send me e mail from sources such as:

[email protected]


things like [email protected]

I neither want my debts consolidated, my penis enlarged or my breasts enhanced... however I would like to know more about this type of crap, so please.... EDUCATE ME !

Many thanks


  Diodorus Siculus 20:09 28 Nov 2003

What do you want to know?

  Wulfrune 20:15 28 Nov 2003

Like, and I must add that I've no plan to use it myself. Where do they get there @hjggfkh.com from?

Is this a tactic to stop you returning the mail?

is there anyway I can bite back at these spammers?

like I said.... educate me please, any info on this subject would be most welcome.

Nice one geez


  Diodorus Siculus 20:19 28 Nov 2003

Can't bite back... except by telling people never, ever to buy from a spammer (if nobody did, they would stop).

They make up "from" addresses... easy to spoof them, even on a regular email client; not so easy to hide the originating IP address, but it can be done also.

Similarly, they have progs which will make up thousands of email addresses at a particular domain and they know that even a small percentage will get through.

  Wulfrune 20:23 28 Nov 2003

It's a damned pity you can't sting em, after all there are enough parasites in this World without adding them to the net.

My only regret is that there isn't some way you can screw them back... you telling me that there's seriously nothing apart from ignoring them that one could do?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:37 28 Nov 2003

Well, one guy in the US found out the home adress of a person who was responsible for a large percentage of spam and asked people to sign him up for real junk mail. It got to the stage where some thousands of letters a day were going to him and he could nver find genuine mail.

But seriously, ignore it and encourage everyone else to ignore it. Mailwasher is good as it deletes it - just don't let it bounce as it is futile.

  polymath 20:46 28 Nov 2003

Join the club, Wolfrune! And I wish they'd at least refrain from spamming addresses that are obviously in countries unable to avail of their wonderful offers - 'Save $$ on gas for your car' etc.

I use Mailwasher too (must send the chap some money when I can!). I used to bounce some spam (particularly satisfying with the ones selling millions of email addresses on CD); but then realised (thanks to this Helproom) that it's not a good idea. A bounce means another email clogging up the net, and if it's from a fake address it generates a 'cannot be delivered' one, turning the 1st email into 3.

It does seem that all we can do is ignore them, & delete them. Opening or previewing them can be dangerous (except maybe in Mailwasher or similar).

  Diodorus Siculus 20:49 28 Nov 2003

Polymath - Opening or previewing them can be dangerous (except maybe in Mailwasher or similar) - yes, it is save enough in Mailwasher as it extracts text only (although the links are there, they are not polled).

  Wulfrune 21:01 28 Nov 2003

my respect to you all



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