Odd Computer Failure

  ened 10:38 05 May 2006

I am using XPPro with a LogitechMX1000 mouse and LX700 keyboard.

Last night I turned the mouse off whilst using the computer and when I turned it on again XP was virtually dysfunctional.

The cursor could be moved around the screen but nothing worked – not even the Shut Down screen. Task Manager was not available either.The keyboard was functioning because I was able to type in the password.

I eventually got myself running by plugging in a standard (Wired) p/s2 keyboard.

System Restore didn’t help the situation and I found my self not being able to use the cordless keyboard.

I have the latest drivers and tried to plug the LX700 into the p/s2 using the adapter.

This works so I now have a fully functioning pc.

But really I would like to use the keyboard, as it was intended, via usb.

I have consulted Logitech but this problem doesn't appear to be supposed to happen.

  ened 12:53 05 May 2006

I installed it a week or so ago and downloaded the drivers from the Logitech site.

I did the same for the mouse drivers about a year or so ago.

Interestingly, though, when I looked at the driver after getting it working again through the p/s2 it had reverted to the generic driver as provided by MS.

I updated the driver but it still kills the machine when it is connected thru usb.

  ened 16:58 05 May 2006

I guess I was hoping someone, out of the thousands, had experienced this or something similar.

  Pineman100 17:02 05 May 2006

You say that you used SR, as part of your efforts to get things back to normal. Is there any chance that you restored to a date before you downloaded the latest drivers? If so, they'll be gone.

  ened 17:08 05 May 2006

No but thanks anyway.

I have checked and currently have the latest drivers installed.

I have just tried again and still have a disfunctional machine when I plug the receiver for the Keyboard into the usb.

To re-iterate: this started when I turned the mouse off for a moment. There is no serious reason for the problem and I have run anti-virus etc.

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