Odd behaviour of CPU fan

  Darth Port 15:57 07 Feb 2003

Here's the thing: the CPU fan doesn't start properly at 1st boot up (sounds like it's trying to spin but failing), but if I power down immediately and restart it runs fine. I've replaced the fan but still the same problem. Any suggestions? Could it be a power supply issue? I'm confused!

(Athlon xp2220, Asus 7s333 mobo, recently installed Audigy card, no wires etc in the way)

  AndySD 16:01 07 Feb 2003

What wattage is the power supply?

  Darth Port 16:13 07 Feb 2003

Not sure, I'm at work at the moment. I'll check later. It's a Carrera Octan Ultimate if that's any good.

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