ODBC Setup Library locked. Any ideas Please?

  Wak 11:58 24 Oct 2004

I'm running Win 98SE and am trying to install one of Greenstreet's programs from a CD.
It sorts out the required folder but when it tries to enter a name for the Control Panel (Add/Remove section) I get the Severe Error message "The ODBC Setup Library is locked. ODBC Setup will not continue".
I've tried Google but couldn't find anything there.
Can anyone help with this problem, Please?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:30 24 Oct 2004

Have you ensured that nothing is running when you try the installation program?

  Wak 15:46 24 Oct 2004

Thanks for the reply, D.S. No, nothing else is running apart from the desk top and the required CD.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:49 24 Oct 2004

Try copying the CD to the hard disk then start in safe mode and run the install program if you can.

  Wak 16:38 24 Oct 2004

Hi D.S. From your first reply I checked all the running programs and couldn't see anything which I thought would be using this Data base thingy.
I then looked into the Registry for "ODBC", found it in H.K./Local Machine/software and noticed that it contained a folder for the AVAST A/Virus program. I stopped Avast from running, rebooted and then tried to load the CD again. SUCCESS!!
I originally loaded Avast (which I think is brilliant) as suggested in one of your earlier postings and never thought it would be causing me problems in the future. So we live and learn.
I'm not sure what will happen when I restart Avast but at least I know what causes the problem and how to cure it.
Thanks again for your very welcome input.
I shall now tick this as resolved.

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