Ocster won't restore

  Ian in Northampton 09:21 08 Sep 2010

This post is related to my previous one. I took advantage of getting hold of the free copy of Ocster backup software (some kind soul on the forum made me aware of it). My ‘dead’ PC backed up every night.

So I thought it would be no problem to install Ocster on my backup machine, attach the external drive that my dead machine was backed up to, and reinstall my data files. However, Ocster is demanding a password in order to do the restore – and I swear I didn’t use a password to create the backups and, if I did, there are only three it could have been – and none of them works.

Anyone have any ideas? Can Ocster only restore files to the machine where it was originally installed? I sense that it’s looking for a file that it would have created on my old machine when it initiated the backup process, but inevitably can’t find it.

  Ocster Backup 14:55 08 Sep 2010

Hello Ian

please use the internal support funktion of the software - try > Help > contact the support team !

We will help you

Best regards Ocster Team

  Ian in Northampton 15:00 08 Sep 2010

Thanks guys. Message is with you! (But about a different problem (no way to unlock) - I found a different way of restoring my files which involved getting an old XP machine out of the loft, installing Norton Ghost 9 and then restoring from the external drive to the 'loft PC' and then copying the files back to the external drive - and then to my spare PC. Yes, I was using Ghost for a weekly backup of the whole drive and Ocster for a daily backup of selected often-used folders... :-) ) (But Ghost 9 won't run under W7... :-( )

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