OCR of handwriting

  immer 00:01 07 Jun 2006

I wish to know if it is possible to give an OCR system a known handwriting type to recognise, so as to get it to read a particular person. I have a lot of documents to copy & am looking for short cuts. I have a handwriting to font making program. I need to get this to an OCR as input type info for it to work with.

  immer 10:23 07 Jun 2006

How do you mean ? Thats almost an essay to put in a googlebox !

  immer 21:27 07 Jun 2006

seems I have found a new buzz word "NHR", and note it's "natural" not "national"....
The hunt continues....

  immer 09:16 08 Jun 2006

The handwriting of many historicle texts is beautiful & even, but the fonts are not to our modern eye. It would protect the documents if they could be translated to modern format. Take for just example the text on the Lindesfarne Gospel or the Magna Carta. Were as well known texts have many translations, there are a vast pile in archives only available as "one off" viewing. All the elements to sacan / translate this stuff exists, what I'm looking for is a joined up programme to do the task. Any more ideas please?

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