OCR and grayscale problems

  [DELETED] 12:32 17 Feb 2006

Can anyone recommend an OCR package which can cope with grayscale (i.e poor quality photocopies)?


  [DELETED] 14:30 17 Feb 2006

I have used Omnipage Pro for many years current version is I think 15 (I am using 14)
I have found it to be very good getting about 85% accuracy on 3rd level carbon copies which were about 20 years old. On modern stuff the accuracy is near to 100%.
Not the cheapest product at about £70 for an upgrade from any other manufacturers OCR software, but worth the expense.

  [DELETED] 15:01 17 Feb 2006

Thank you stylehurst. Will investigate this one.

  [DELETED] 17:09 17 Feb 2006

Having had a trundle round some of the othe forum messages I noticed some people have been getting Omni Page 14 cheap due to new version out.
OP 14 is probably more than adequate for your needs & seems to be available for about £20.

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