Occasionally no display on start up

  Danmatjac 18:58 15 Jan 2017

Hey guys, looking for some help on something that is driving me mad! Turn my pc on and there is no display. (not a new build, not and incorrectly installed cpu etc) There are no beeps and this is the part that gets me, sometimes it works perfectly fine, other times there will be no display, I'll turn off and on again and it will work. The frustration comes at times when I simply can not get a display of any kind.

I have tried multiple outputs, cables and both hdmi and dvi. Also different gpu's.

Then the pc will come on and work there are no issues and everything works great.

Please let me know if any further details will help.

  difarn 19:50 15 Jan 2017

Have you checked the power supply? Have you tried the monitor on another PC?

  Danmatjac 19:52 15 Jan 2017

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I have recently installed a brand new PSU but I had this issue with the previous one too. The issue happens on any monitor or TV connected.

  difarn 11:31 16 Jan 2017

Have you checked to see if your RAM are seated properly?

  Danmatjac 10:04 17 Jan 2017

Hi all, thanks for your replies. Took the whole system apart last night and rebuilt, no luck. Tested with no ram and I get the beeps to signal there is no ram. Sometimes it comes on fine, other times no display, no bios, nothing. When there is no display, all fans, gpu, hdd etc power on.

  difarn 11:45 17 Jan 2017

Have you tried plugging in the monitor to the on-board graphics port? Have you updated the driver to your video card or if this is a recent occurrence after updates have you tried rolling back your driver.

  Danmatjac 14:34 17 Jan 2017

Drivers are always kept up to date and this has been occurring for a while, seeming to progressively get worse. No on board graphics on the mobo unfortunately.

  JordanMihailov 16:01 17 Jan 2017

Plug 100% working cable and see what happens.

  Danmatjac 16:15 18 Jan 2017

Hi all. I am hoping to borrow a friends pc with a similar build to test all of my components, also to test their components on my mobo. Ill also try my system in another case just to eliminate any possible issues there.

If I still have no luck but my other components work when attached to another mobo then im going to settle that this is a mobo issue. so onto my next question...

I will need a new mobo! Being January and not at all planning to buy anything new I will be on a serious budget, I realise ill probably have to downgrade from my current mobo but if it isn't working, I guess anything would be an upgrade.

Any suggestions? Ill have around £50.

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