Occasional problem recognising ADSL modem

  rawprawn 19:36 18 Mar 2005

Sometimes when I boot (one in twenty)I get a notice saying New Hardware Found please insert software or search web. Whatever I do it doesn't cure the problem, but if I unplug the modem (Sagem) and then reconnect all goes back to normal.It's not desperate but annoying, I have tried reinstalling but it makes no difference. any ideas. XP Pro SP2 ( I have downloaded the latest drivers for the modem )

  Citrws 20:19 18 Mar 2005

I have the same problem. I am using a speedtouch modem and when I contacted my support centre they informed me that unplugging and immediately re-plugging the modem in was the only suggestion they could give. I have tried several methods such as leaving the power cable switched on all night but switching the computer off. Leaving the web page running and then turning the computer off so that it saves the program I am running before cutting off. Turning the power on at the mains and waiting a couple of minutes before switching the computer on. The success has been variable but so far no permanent solution. I suspect it has something to do with the USB power supply and the modem power requiremnts, but what, is beyond me. Like you it is annoying but not disasterous. Once connected it works perfectly.

  rawprawn 20:31 18 Mar 2005

Thanks for that, I am not wishing my problems on other people but it is nice to know that I am not alone. Unless someone else can come up with a definative answer I guess we are stuck with it( unless we change ISP) I take it you are with Tiscali?

  Jackcoms 21:08 18 Mar 2005

Hi Dennis

"I have downloaded the latest drivers for the modem".

I also have the Tiscali Sagem modem and have deliberately avoided doing this - if it ain't broke don't fix it!!

Can you do a System Restore to before the driver update?

  rawprawn 21:20 18 Mar 2005

Hello Craig
No unfortunately, I have just upgraded to XP Pro and I formatted and installed all new.
By the way I got a message today from Tiscali, they are now hoping to upgrade my BB by the end of July (They didn't specify a year) Still I am now only paying £15.99 for 512kb. I guess it's what happens it you live in the sticks.
Thanks for the response.
Having said all that, I have the original software so I could reinstall that, I may give it a go tomorrow.

  Jackcoms 21:31 18 Mar 2005



  rawprawn 09:13 19 Mar 2005

I got called away when I was responding to you last night, so I was in a bit of a hurry. The reason I updated my drivers in the first place was because of the modem failing to be recognised. The new drivers have helped but not resolved the problem, so I'm afraid your suggestion won't work for me.I heard on the radio last night that BT are hoping to bring out a BB package at around 18MB within 2 years, maybe I will be at 1MB by then.

  rawprawn 08:14 20 Mar 2005

I will tick this as resolved, although I still don't know the answer but like Citrws I will live with it for now.

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