Occasional fail to attach image to mail- why?

  SparkyJack 19:53 25 Jul 2011

I use webmail and occasionally like to attach images. sometimes it works - that is using the attach facility of the webmail.

But from time to time as now for example the facility failed to work. So it it me[the machine] or the server?

  SparkyJack 20:04 25 Jul 2011

As I tapped out the above I thought 'I know use photo bucket/tiny pic- etc.,

Well what do you know ,that web site image selector/browse to image did not respond either- So it could be me. but what?

Because this beast has been dragging its feet of late, this week end past I CCleaned,System Machanice'd and defragged - took all Saturday night. but still slow as ever in these graphic areas- though surfing and mail are speedy as ever[ 40[37]Mb Infinity fibre]

  SparkyJack 17:54 28 Jul 2011


  Woolwell 18:24 28 Jul 2011

I assume that you spot the problem before you click on send. Connection problem?

  SparkyJack 19:56 28 Jul 2011

Iassume that you spot the problem before you click on send. Connection problem? wrote Woolwell

Isnt that is what is suppose to happen type the narrative, click attach, find the files to attach then send? bit daft doing it any other way me thinks.

  Woolwell 20:13 28 Jul 2011

Agree. But I'm suggesting that the image isn't being uploaded properly.

  wee eddie 21:20 28 Jul 2011

As your Up-load speed is likely to be about 10% of your Download Speed, there is frequently a considerable wait until it is ready to send.

p.s. Most Web Mails appear to upload the file to their Server and then attach the rest of your email to it.

  SparkyJack 08:31 29 Jul 2011

Wee Eddie Agree with that but the function does not seem to work

That is when it does work there is a sequence of image file- select- image loads at bottom of screen as a miniture thumbnail and is sent.

But what I refer to is the 'buttons' simply do not respond - or only partially- as in my most recent attewtps the image file comes up and then present the image to screen in full- out side the E mail system all together.

As I put these thoughts down it is beginning to feel like a system glitch this end.

I'll go find my big hammer ;-]

  wee eddie 15:41 29 Jul 2011

That sounds to me as if the Page has not completely downloaded.

This can frequently happen if you have a sub 2MBps Connection at a busy time of the day.

  SparkyJack 08:53 30 Jul 2011

This morning -30th- On opening to mail page an invite to upgrade to the latest version- of Yahoo mail- whole new layout and the attachments went off without a hitch. However I noticed the first attempt presented a 'problem sending message try again-' with the mail now in the drafts folder- 2nd try off it went. And this post is on its second try.

So it does seem that the problem is at the server end - and is still there in some measure = new version not withstanding.

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