Obscure PC fault?

  Aristocatman 20:22 22 Jul 2008

My PC seems to have an obscure fault, I had problems from day one with the Asroc motherboard Asroc sorted the problem & I thought all was OK But.... I have never been able to download my BT Yahoo software the download page has got Groundhog Day syndrome just returns to the page when trying to download. BT says it is a computer problem. OK I've lived with it. But... now I have new problems Everytime I try to fill in an online form the PC shuts down & trying to name Files in windows explorer if I hit the space key it resets to 'new folder'. This is getting silly! I've tried all the scans looking for virus etc & tried Sisoft Sandra for any hardware funnies - nothing!
Before this machine exits the room without opening the window has anybody got any ideas sensible or crazy? At the moment a new motherboard is on the cards.

  skidzy 21:02 22 Jul 2008

First thing,i doubt very much your motherboard is the problem.
I would say its a software problem.

Run Superantispyware in safemode (updated first) click here

Have a look in your startup programs in MSCONFIG and reduce these if possible.

  grey george 21:23 22 Jul 2008

The download maybe because you have cookies blocked for that site. As for the other if it does this every time and never misses it must be software or malware rather tham hardware faults which tend to be intermitant. Do you have a restore point? Which os?

  woodchip 21:50 22 Jul 2008

As skidzy, I would say a Windows Problem. Try running

SFC /SCANNOW from the run box

  Aristocatman 22:44 22 Jul 2008

well I did post a reply seems to have vanished?
Running the scan in safe mode may take a while! didn't find SFC/SCANNOW? OS is Windows XP PRO SP2 using ipcop & networked PC's have Zone Alarm, AVG8, Pest Patrol,etc etc. Don't get problems normally I'm pretty careful

  woodchip 15:24 23 Jul 2008

SFC /Scannow. Not the space before the /

you type it into run and press enter for windows to check the files on your computer

  Ditch999 15:37 23 Jul 2008

"anybody got any ideas sensible or crazy?"
Try a different keyboard. If its a usb one try a PS2 one or vice versa

  skidzy 17:33 23 Jul 2008

How to use SFC

Select START then RUN and type or copy and paste the below;

sfc /scannow

and enter,this may take some time.

If you do have the operating system on a partition this will ask for the operating system disc (xp pro) to fix any errors/corrupt files.

Understanding sfc click here

"I have never been able to download my BT Yahoo software"

Briefly disable your firewall and antivirus and try downloading again,you may have accidently denied the download within Zonealarm.

This may take an uninstall of ZA to work correctly.

  Aristocatman 19:54 23 Jul 2008

Thanks all for the suggestions. I ran sfc /scannow it took ages & kept dropping back to the retry box when XP sp2 disk was in got there in the end initially had a problem 'cos I couldn't use the space bar in the run box. I used Word which has no probs with spacebar! cut & pasted into run box. We have a small victory spacebar now works normally. But as soon as I tried to use an online form the pc shut down. Not suddenly but in a normal shutdown sequence. OH another quirk I cannot run internet explorer with add ons will not start!??

  Ditch999 20:07 23 Jul 2008

Safe Mode with Networking.
Go to Kaspersky online scanner click here and run a full scan on your hard drive.

  Aristocatman 20:32 23 Jul 2008

I tried it but it need Java & Active X which I can't run at the moment as internet explorer won't start with add-ons enabled - DOH!
Do you ever get the feeling that this PC is determined not to be fixed?

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