o2 wireless broadband

  vectradam 14:42 27 Dec 2008

if you use the apparently excellent o2 broadband do you have to use it wireless or can it be wired. my mum is probably going to change to o2 but is very nervous about wireless security and has no need at all to be wireless


  User-1229748 14:47 27 Dec 2008

you can use ethernet cable

  Pineman100 14:56 27 Dec 2008

O2 broadband is no different from anyone else's. It's delivered to your house down the phone line.

What's probably worried your mum is the fact that O2 will give you a wireless router. But you don't have to use it wirelessly. As smackheadz has said, you can connect to it with a cable called an "Ethernet" cable, and switch off the wireless function if you want to.

I'm sure the router will come with full instructions.

So your mum needn't worry.

  Graham John 15:35 27 Dec 2008

I recently installed the o2 broadband router and it is very easy. It does almost everything for you and uses very easy language. Recommend it 100% and if you do have a problem their helpline is the best I have ever used.

  Liteman 15:57 27 Dec 2008

I use the ethernet cable, as my PC stays where it is, but my other half uses the wireless connection when he has his laptop here.

  LastChip 17:55 27 Dec 2008

it's simply available if you want it.

click here for my thread, which is chronicling the change from Pipex to O2 if you're interested.

  woodchip 18:06 27 Dec 2008

You may also be getting o2 mixed up with 3G that is fully mobile

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