o2 security warning

  fullyfitted 16:51 06 Sep 2009

Before I start ringing o2 to check the validity of the following warning I wondered if any one else has had it. Is it genuine and am I just being paronoid?

02 Wireless Box Security Update
We've been told about a security problem that could affect your 02 Wireless Box. The problem could let people change your router settings, which could change how it works.
What we'll do
We'll set up a password automatically to protect the settings on your 02 Wireless Box. You don't need to do anything. You'll only need it if you want to change the settings. (In most cases, you'll probably never need it.) The password will be the serial number of your 02 Wireless Box. It's written on the bottom of the router. Here's how to change it.
Nothing else changes
We won't change any other settings on your 02 Wireless Box. (The password you use to connect wirelessly to your 02 Wireless Box will stay the same.)
Kind regards,
02 Home Broadband Team

  Technotiger 16:57 06 Sep 2009

Give this free-phone number a call 0800 954 1427 - it is the 02 Sales broadband department, ask them before taking any other action.

02 Home Broadband Team sound a bit dodgy to me.

  fullyfitted 17:40 06 Sep 2009

could not get through on the number you gave, now trying the help line on 0800 230 0202 but lines are very busy and I'm in a queue.Will let you know what happens when I get any info


  fullyfitted 17:48 06 Sep 2009

Gave up on the help line after 10 mins but I've found the same statement on the o2 web site so I guess It's ok.

Thanks for your interest


  Technotiger 17:50 06 Sep 2009

OK - thanks for your feedback.

  gel 18:01 06 Sep 2009

Yes I too had the same message but I do not use wireless connection

  morddwyd 07:13 07 Sep 2009

I've had it too.

  morddwyd 07:17 07 Sep 2009

Oops - hit too soon.

It's just a notification, why do you need to ring them?

They've set up a perfectly secure password, which will only be needed if ever you change the settings on your router.

That's not something that you do every day. I've never had to do it.

  KremmenUK 07:25 07 Sep 2009

I didn't use the supplied O2 router but stuck with my Netgear.

What protocol does the supplied box use ?

If it's WEP then change that to WPA2+ ASAP and stay better secured.

  morddwyd 08:37 07 Sep 2009

This has nothing to do with WEP/WPA protocol.

It's simply a password to allow you to change the settings on the router, which most people never need to do.

On my last router the default password was "admin" which I never needed nor ever changed in the two or three years I had it.

Let's face it, for someone to be changing the settings on your router they have to be sat at your computer, or at least logged on to your network.

In such circumstances your security is already pretty compromised anyway.

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