O2 Pocket Hotspot

  [email protected] 12:07 08 Jul 2013

Two months ago, we purchased an O2 Pocket Hotspot.

When we started using it, it remained on 3G which allowed internet access

However, it soon became evident that it was switching more and more to 2G, and we were unable to connect to the internet.

We have contacted O2 but they say it may be a mast problem. The problem of course is that we are asked to pay £15 a month and cannot access the internet. O2 have credited our account with megabytes but since we cannot access the internet, we cannot use them!

I am hoping someone can help us. Thanks.

  northumbria61 15:23 08 Jul 2013

We have contacted O2 but they say it may be a mast problem

In my opinion it is a reception problem and you need to contact O2 again making it very clear to them that you cannot access the Internet - you are paying for a service that at the moment you are not getting.

  northumbria61 15:26 08 Jul 2013

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  spuds 16:42 08 Jul 2013

I once took a similar ISP problem up with the local Trading Standards. Contact O2 and inform them that you are not getting the service that you expect and are perhaps paying for. there are certain parts of consumer law that should or would protect you here, with regards to contract obligations.

You will also find that 02 also belong to a 'trade body' who will take up your complaint, if 02 do not respond to your issue.

  [email protected] 21:59 08 Jul 2013

We have called O2 on several occasions but because we occasionally manage to get on line, be it for a short period of time, they say the problem does not lie with them.

The last time we called two days ago, they said they would try and write a report about the problem. In the meantime, we are left high and dry. They said they did not know when they would have a report ready.

Furthermore I am using a local wifi which is also not working very well. It has started throwing me off line and the message I am receiving is that THE DNS LOOKUP FAILED, whatever that means and to try and disarm my firewall.... I managed to go and look at my firewall files and it seems that just looking at them has allowed me to log on in order to type this message.

Thanks to all but I am in despair.

  spuds 00:02 09 Jul 2013

It would appear that 02 know there is a problem, otherwise why would they mention there 'may be' a mast problem. They either know there is a mast problem or they don't.

When you say they are going to write a report about the problem, does this mean that someone is going to write a report to an engineer to check if there is a mast problem, or a report to go on file?.

I think that you should insist that you have some answers, including informing them that you have a service not 'fit for purpose' under consumer law?.

You have already stated that they have credited you with megabytes you cannot use?.

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