o2 Notebook not getting onto the Internet but no error messages ?

  Baskerville 17:22 12 Oct 2012

Hello All,

Yesterday after booting my comp up I wanted to get on the internet but for the first time in years with my set up it just wouldn't connect, never done this before, we have a wireless O2 box upstairs which my son has a ethernet directly from the wireless router into his comp and my other son has a notebook (same as mine) and both of them were online but mine just wouldn't connect although I had nothing to say anything was wrong, o2 told me that if the other computers were online then it must be something on my comp that is causing the trouble ? but what could it be ? after three hours offline I rebooted and it was fine and got onto the internet no trouble, this morning it again wouldn't let me online and then bingo it just came on again at 4pm very strange to me, can anyone help with this problem as I do need to be online but cannot fathom out what may be stopping my internet ?? Many thanks,

  Forum Editor 15:06 13 Oct 2012

It's just possible that this is related to the IP addressing handled by the router's DHCP server. Are you familiar with configuring your router via its web interface?

  Baskerville 16:34 13 Oct 2012

Sorry Ed, not familiar with this method, one other thing, since I've had this problem my computer has seemed very slow to boot up which makes me think that this could be related to some sort of virus or trojan, what are your thoughts on this, all scans with Malwarebytes and AVG have not shown any problems in this area so I'm still unaware has to what is going on here.

Things appear quite stable at the moment,

Many thanks,


  Taff™ 08:19 14 Oct 2012

"Slow at Start Up" gives a clue. The wireless connection is probably the last in a long list of programs starting when you boot up. Download Ccleaner Free Download and install it. Then run the cleaner followed by going to the blue toolbox on the left and the second white tab down named "Startup".

Here is a list of all the programs running at boot up. You can select them and disable or delete them using the buttons on the right or by using a right mouse click. This doesn't prevent you using these programs normally, just stops them loading at start up.

In general terms you only need your wireless, antivirus and a few other essentials such as your (Synaptics) touchpad driver working. Look at things like iTunes Helper, Quicktime, Skype, Messenger, Bluetooth, hotkey commands,game or media centres etc which you don't need instantly. Disable them and reboot. You can always switch them back on.

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