o2 Broadband problems

  tobyjug2007 17:06 18 Sep 2008

having just subscribed to o2 broadband, up to 16 MB Download speed, plus had a new BT Cable for my phone and broadband, i'm having problems, i dont like wireless routers, but as my Landlady doesn't want my PC in her living room, i'm using a 10 Metre.telephone extention Lead, could that be the reason i'm very lucky indeed if i can get Half a Mb download speed, anyone else had any problems with o2 broadband, i even have problems opening Internet Explorer 7? XP Home Service Pack 2 OS...i have a desktop computer, would it be better to run it wirelessly, any help, advice, suggestions would be very welcome, i feel like a hammer through the tower may be an option, its so very frustrating!!!

thanks in advance

  MarvintheAndroid 00:32 19 Sep 2008

You could try putting the router downstairs close to the phone socket and connected with a short cable, and then use a long ethernet cable (CAT5) to connect to your PC. You may get less noise on the line that way.


  Dragon_Heart 01:31 19 Sep 2008

I agree with MarvintheAndroid.

The first question is :-

Have you fitted the filters supplied with the O2 kit and do they cover ALL the phones used on that line including extensions ?

Telephone cables are very poor at carrying 'clean' / fast broadband information so the ethernet cable for about £6 is a good idea.

Why have you not tried it via wireless ?

One final note .... if after all this you may only be able to get less than 1 Mb on that line.

Got anyone in the same building or street who has got broadband via phone line ? What's their speeds like ? Is anyone else using your line for broadband ?

  tobyjug2007 01:58 19 Sep 2008

I have a filter on the phone socket, and could you advise the maximum length of ethernet cable available to purchase, and where could i buy one, as for wireless i have tried that and it makes no difference, signal is always low?
I dont know anyone local to me who has internet access who i could compare mine with

Many thanks for your combined answers, still very frustrated :-(

thanks in advance of anymore suggestions ( Ps the BT line was a new installation only last week)

  Dragon_Heart 02:10 19 Sep 2008

Check your local PC shops. You can get 'off the shelf' ethernet cables up to about 50m.

I have used these in the past click here


Try Maplins click here They have a 10m cable for £12.99

  Pine Man 15:02 19 Sep 2008

Don't forget that o2 have a free helpline. It's based in the UK and they are very quick to answer and excellent with their advice.

  Dragon_Heart 00:21 20 Sep 2008

Yes it is VERY good, I would not have taken out O2 if the helpline was NOT UK based.

The McAfee Virtual Technician ( O2 comes with the McAfee Security Centre ) is also very good but is not UK based but as there is no actual verbal communication it's not a problem.

O2 also has a diagnostic system built in the help sort out problems .... have you tried that ?

  Gandalf 13:36 23 Sep 2008

Also dont forget distance from exchange also affects speed, the further away you are the less speed you will get.

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