O2 Broadband customers to get home telephone packa

  giz 10:15 20 Mar 2010

Is there any more info on this. It is in your mag dated April 2010 but I cannot find anything on O2 webpage (via your link). O2 customer services do not know about it (They just cut me off)

  woodchip 10:20 20 Mar 2010

You need to contact Editor of the Mag

  anniesboy 10:20 20 Mar 2010

Some info here,no actual date yet

click here

  rambus 14:52 20 Mar 2010

would you still have to pay a line rental to BT.
i have o2 broadband but it comes down a BT line and i pay a line rent to BT as well as a payment to o2 for the broadband .

  onthelimit 15:42 20 Mar 2010

No this would include the line rental - paid to 02 instead of BT. Same idea as Talk Talk (but cheaper).

  rambus 18:09 20 Mar 2010

thanks for clearing that up for me onthelimit, i will be having some of that. for what its worth i find o2 broadband excellent.

  morddwyd 07:31 21 Mar 2010

Don't hold your breath.

I've registered for this some time ago, and didn't even get an automated acknowledgement.

I'm pretty certain it's the usual story - only available from unbundled exchanges.

For what it's worth, I find O2 Customer Services rubbish, and I've already posted about this.

Just waiting for my minimum contract to finish!

  Border View 09:40 21 Mar 2010

Speak as you find - my experience of o2 Customer Service (when I needed it) was outstanding. The fellas there could not have been more helpful.

I have an o2 mobile phone and with them for my broadband, but am tied in to BT with a contract for about another seven months. Looking to find out how to cancel the "continuing contract" with BT. When I do I shall certainly consider o2 for my landline.

  LastChip 13:36 22 Mar 2010

I'm somewhat surprised at morddwyd's comment, as I find o2 perfectly acceptable.

Yes, their front line staff are not super technicians, but then they're not meant to be. And as Barmoor commented, they certainly try and be helpful *and* at least you're not paying premium rates to speak to them. In fact, you're paying nothing at all!

When I called o2 about a fairly complex server configuration issue, they couldn't answer me (I didn't expect them to), but did offer to raise the issue to a level two technician, who could potentially have raised it still further. In the end, I managed to sort it out myself, but the offer of help was there for all that.

All I can compare in recent times, was a conversation with the Virgin help desk on behalf of a friend, and by comparison, they were a disaster, offering totally false information.

  morddwyd 20:35 22 Mar 2010

Never had an issue with their technical expertise, or their mobile service (one of the reasons I changed)just their broadband helpfulness, or lack of it, and I moved from Orange, not the highest in customer satisfaction ratings, and about which many people would say anything would be an improvement!

Like I said, I have posted previously on this.

If anyone is really interested

click here

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