o2 Broadband

  ol blueeyes 09:25 30 Jan 2010

To all you users of o2 Broadband can you please tell me if you have the following problems. o2 tell me that I am not alone.

1. Unable to use their FREE Security System on Windows 7. Two amended Disc have been sent to me via post although they say they haven't got any. Needless to say nothing has arrived.

2 Unable to use "Microsoft Outlook" for the past 14 days, this sometimes I am told due to a fault on one of their servers. Sometimes you can send sometimes you can receive sometimes both and other times neither. Infact I have been unable to send/receive for the past week.

Sometimes they will admit the problem othertimes they say "Oh! you've setup[ "Outlook" incorrectly.

So I would like to know am I alone

  LastChip 10:59 30 Jan 2010

Personally, I've not had any problems at all with o2, although I don't use Windows or any of the applications you mentioned.

  Pine Man 11:18 30 Jan 2010

I use Windows 7 and Microsoft Outlook.

I have had no problems whatsoever with McAfee Security suite with windows 7 or Vista but you don't need any disks as you can download the latest full version from McAfee by visiting their site here:
click here

Click 'Forgot Your Password?' and then enter your main broadband o2 e-mail address
When you get the password visit the login screen again from the link above
Use your o2 e-mail address and the password you have been sent to log in
Once in your account, click download/install next to the 3 user McAfee security suite and follow the steps
This will install a pre-registered copy of McAfee from the website onto your device and it works a treat

Outlook has never been a problem with emails either on Windows 7 or Vista.

  ol blueeyes 12:09 30 Jan 2010

Thanks Gentlemen. McAfee has now been re-installed. I was on the 'phone 47 minutes getting over the "Outlook" problem. it seems there was an error in their system that only affected a few. But all OK now.
Glad it was an 0800 number

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