O2 broadband

  larryweir 13:04 07 Jul 2008

Currently have BT broadband with a maximum download speed of 3 megs on a good day. O2 say and guarantee 14.69 has anyone had any bad experiences with O2, i.e. change over slower speeds.

  Pine Man 13:53 07 Jul 2008

Nothing but good experiences with O2.

I am signed up for upto 8mbps and 8mbps is what I get.

Their customer service is based in the UK and free. It is acknowledged as one of the top ISPs in the UK.

  Confab 14:37 07 Jul 2008

I signed up to O2 in February. I pay £10 per month for up to 16 meg. Their service is excellent. I was getting about 4 meg with my previous isp. Here is the speed test that I did a few minutes ago.

click here

  Chris the Ancient 15:39 07 Jul 2008

Been with them since the beginning of the year.

Nothing but good service from o2 here as well.

Better speeds, cheaper rates, very few 'unavailables'. And all with free 24/7 help (which they were when I needed help to configure my router/modem instead of theirs).

Just wish they had been around before.

  larryweir 07:58 08 Jul 2008

Thanks everyone

  Baskerville 13:33 08 Jul 2008

I'm in a similar boat to you, Pipex nearly made me commit Hari Kari last week, 02 and Plusnet are high on my radar at the moment.

Tests seem to show faster speeds with 02 but overnight downloads are free with Plusnet.

Customers of these two seem to be very happy.


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