jypsea 16:35 27 Jan 2004

im thinking of getting aol broadband 1 megtabyte but would like answers from unbiased ppl if possible please..ie not A.O.L staff..first what is the connection ration and would having sky digital connected to the phone line affect performance..and also do A.O.l prevent you from using peer to peer progs such as kazaa or bear share..any help most gratefully recieved..thank you...

  holly polly 16:43 27 Jan 2004

Gday i believe the contention ratio is around 50/1 ,though in normal circumstances you should never achieve this .
i myself use AOL at the 512 mbs and find it ok ,be prepared for some regulars on here giviung it a right slating ,i myself find it easy to use no time out on the dial up like some isp ,Aol does not stop you using p2p sites so your free to go where you want also the spam filtering ,checking of emails etc are handy ,all in all most satisfied with mine though a reduction in price would be nice -regards-hol pol...

  Elyvate 16:50 27 Jan 2004

I'm on the 512 AOL service and I find it to be what I need, I'm currently running the 9.0 beta so its been messing about with my computer as of late but thats to be expected. I agree with holly though, it is a bit pricey.

  Djohn 19:38 27 Jan 2004

I was with AOL for almost three years, first on dial-up then for the latter four months 512k Broadband. I also did a large amount of BETA testing for them on all their programs.

This included all versions of the AOL browser, the radio service, video/music and "Communicator" [New form of e-mail system] also one or two applications that never made it to general release.

I never had any problems that were of a serious nature and found the service to be reliable and the staff helpful and polite at all times. I enjoyed being with AOL and left only because of their policy of dealing with SPAM.

It was affecting the delivery of genuine mail to my account. This is not overridden by turning off your personal spam controls as it is first dealt with by the AOL server and is beyond the control of the individual user.

If you are comfortable with the method used by AOL to control spam and realise that for the time being at least, you cannot use Outlook or Express for your mail system, then go for it, AOL is a good ISP to be with.

Version 9 which can be downloaded is excellent, and in fact it's already more stable than version 8 even though it's only on it's 5th. or 6th BETA at the moment.

AOL is different to all other ISP's. Not better or worse, just different. Give it a try, you've nothing to lose at all,I think you may like it but if not, you have a cooling off period in which you can change your mind and try another ISP.

Regards. j.

PS. As to the people who say that once you have signed with them you can't get away. That's nonsense. I was only four months into a twelve month contract and they released me with no penalty of any kind, informing me I was welcome back at any time.

  holly polly 19:50 27 Jan 2004

i hAve approached aol and they in form me that i have agreed to be with them for a minimum of 12 months ,and i am bound by that agreement how can i persuade them to release me?-hol pol...

  holly polly 21:06 27 Jan 2004

you can now use outlook ,look at my thread -hol pol...

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