NYB virus

  Quilljar 17:44 11 Jul 2004

I have read the previous thread about this virus. It did not help me. My virus software tells me I have the NYB. This is a brand new Dell laptop which has no floppy disc drive and had not up until then been connected to the internet.I have scanned Google but with no real help. I thought this one could only be brought in by floppy disc. Is it possible that my program McAfee, has made an error? I had connected a small pockidrive via a USB connection, but I had cleaned and re formatted it. It is a puzzle.

  VoG II 17:48 11 Jul 2004

A puzzle indeed. Have you read the McAfee write-up? click here

  Quilljar 18:13 11 Jul 2004

Thanks for the link. After reading it,I still cannot see how to get rid of the NYB as all the advice seems to revolve around the premise that I possess a floppy disc drive which I do not. Any further suggestions would be gratefully R/C

  spuds 18:50 11 Jul 2004

This site as a 30 day evaluation removal tool click here Not sure if you need the boot disk!.

Boot disk required here click here

It would look as though a boot disk is required, but this could possibly be through the virus originated in the 1990's. Would suggest that you contact Dell for their advice considering that it is a new laptop.

  stalion 18:55 11 Jul 2004

also here click here

  spuds 19:01 11 Jul 2004

Sorry, wrong typo in link for 30 day trial, use click here or stalion link [both lead to same website]

  Quilljar 19:24 11 Jul 2004

Thanks spud. I have tried Protector Plus already but it didn't work.

  stalion 19:45 11 Jul 2004

have you tried this click here

  john1000 22:24 11 Jul 2004

hi quilljar the nyb virus is a residual virus that runs in memory it efects floppy drives cdroms and also certain sectors of your hard drive i had this virus about a month ago.i downloaded a free trail software which was sugested by somebody on my previous posts it descibed the nyb virus as the new york beauty why i dont know but it removed it and had no further probs you must have received it through cdrom as you have said you dont have floppy drive.it is a old virus but i am running norton 2004 had all updates and it would only quartine the virus not repair with it running in memory it was there as soon as you booted up so norton did nothing have you still got access to ytour cdrom as mine with floppy diappeared i will try and find the antivirus software that i used

  Quilljar 23:32 11 Jul 2004

Thanks John,
I wd be most grateful for your further help on this. What a great forum this is.

  Quilljar 23:32 11 Jul 2004

Thanks John,
I wd be most grateful for your further help on this. What a great forum this is.

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