The N/W was fine until I re installed XP...

  AngeTheHippy 21:35 16 Jun 2006

Hello Chaps,
Both my desktop & laptop have OS XPHome. I did a format and new install of XP on the desktop PC last week and also installed SP2 (it's SP1 on the laptop); UNTIL then I could connect together using a crossover cable. No, I lie - AFTER the re install of XP, I copied back files I had put on the laptop for safety until I'd re installed XP. With me so far? This evening, I tried connecting with the crossover, but although the N/W icon is visible(in sys tray)and connected at 100Mbps, there is a small yellow triangle on the icon - when I open that, I get a window telling me 'limited or no connectivity'. There is the option or 'repair' which doesn't, so I'm at a loss as to what to do next! I have noticed though, that in control panel/network connections (on desktop), the local area connection icon also has the yellow triangle, but in control panel/network connections on the laptop, there is NO triangle, and an additional icon 'network bridge enabled'. There isn't this network bridge enabled icon on the desktop.

Please could you help me with this one?

thanks a lot,


  ade.h 21:48 16 Jun 2006

The bridge on the laptop may well be the root cause. Check the Netcon folder and I'll bet that your LAN adapter has been bridged with the 1394! This can sometimes happen when an ad-hoc network is used, though MS apparently doesn't know exactly *why* any more than I do!

  AngeTheHippy 21:59 16 Jun 2006

for replying. I'm looking in netcon on laptop now. In the network bridge area, there are 3 icons: the first says this: local area connection enabled, bridged VIA compatible fast ethernet. The 2nd icon says: 1394 connection, enabled, bridged 1394 net adapter. the 3rd:the icon actually looks like a bridge and says: network bridge (network bridge) 3 enabled

I think it says 3 cos I've tried to set up the n/w 3 times now...

What can I do please? Should I delete the 1394 connection icon?


  ade.h 22:07 16 Jun 2006

I have just taken on the role of a guinea pig - brave or stupid? not sure! - and bridged two of my connections, just to work out how to unbridge them!

Turns out that it's easy; just highlight the bridge and click Delete on the folder toolbar (or press Del if you haven't customised your folder toolbar). That removes the bridge.

Additionally, you can do the same to any duplicated connection entries, such as those with a bracketed number after their names.

  AngeTheHippy 22:16 16 Jun 2006

I still though, have the yellow triangle on sys tray icon on desktop pc. Just unplugges cable and plugged in's taken about 1/2 a minute on the desktop for the connected icon to appear and the triange there again. Any other clues, mate?


  ade.h 22:21 16 Jun 2006

Nothing else springs to mind. The unwanted bridge is widely considered to be a prime suspect!

Try assigning IPs manually; in each LAN adapter's properties, select TCP/IP and select Properties.

  AngeTheHippy 23:04 16 Jun 2006

I'm tired now, getting into more of a mess each second. No doubt, I'll be back tomorrow needing more help. Nothing seems to be working. Can't understand it at all! That damned yellow triangle just will not go away. I'm getting a headache. I'm unhappy....

see you tomorrow, nite nite...

  AngeTheHippy 09:26 17 Jun 2006

ready for round 2 !!!
Had a thought. Do you think there's ANY CHANCE that it's because I have SP2 on desktop and SP1 on the laptop??? I've tried disabling the firewall on the desktop pc but still no joy...

  ade.h 13:37 17 Jun 2006

SP2 did make some tweaks to network handling, but I don't think that there would be an issue there.

  AngeTheHippy 14:00 17 Jun 2006

strangely, I DO have connectivity... I also still have the yellow triangle advising I would have limited or no connectivity... I'm completely hacked off with the whole bally thing, but as things stand right now, I can at least copy over (share from pc to laptop and viceversa)stuff.

In fact, I'm gonna go sit in the garden now and power down everything.

Pretend I don't have a PC and was sooo much simpler before I had them..., 8-D


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