NVU discrepancy between view online and in file

  SharonKef 20:14 08 Mar 2010

I'm putting together a website with NVU and although it's a real learning curve for a complete novice it's going according to plan for the most part.
Now I've inserted a table within a column and in the NVU file it's centred as per instruction (in both normal and preview screens). Online, however, it's not centered. I've tried repeating the command and re-saving. As far as I can tell the source code is correct too (according to the online site wizard notes.
Any ideas?

  johnnyrocker 20:21 08 Mar 2010

might get best response in web design forum?


  SharonKef 20:28 08 Mar 2010

What a div! You're absolutely right, I misdirected myself somewhere along the line. No wonder I can't get my web page sorted.

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