nvlddmkm stopped responding "curse"

  tonyB1983 13:42 12 Aug 2011

I know there's a lot about this problem on the web, but I cannot find anyone with quite the same issue as I have:

I bought a new computer about 1.5 years ago from overclockers.co.uk, and for the first 10 months or so it ran brilliantly, I was happy :) However, after about 10 months I started getting weird tearing on my screen whilst playing WoW. Over the course of a few weeks, it gradually got worse and worse and would then start frequently crashing with the "vertical, coloured lines of death". I noticed in my system log the event 4101 "amdkmdap has stopped responding and has recovered". After much frustration of trying re-install old drivers / use Ccleaner, etc that didn't work, I found one solution was to try underclocking the GPU. This worked for about two days before the problem returned again. Led by frustration, I decided to remove my Radeon 5800 from my PC and use my onboard Intel grphics (ok WoW looked awful, but at least it worked).

A week went by without any problems, so i decided it must have been my gfx card that had developed a fault. So I headed off to buy an Nvidia Geforce 450 GTS to replace it. Once received, I put it in, fired up my PC and experienced trouble free gaming once again.

Yesterday (about 6 months later), I was playing WoW and suddenly the screen went black and the game crashed (not the PC). I thought it was just a glitch with the game as the Windows (7 64-bit) was fine. However, today the same happened again. Looking through the event logs I see to my horror the nvlddmkm stopped responding error!!!! ARRGGGHHHH!!!!!

Am I cursed or something? Does my PC hate me!?!? I'm so sick and tired of trying to solve this issue. I'm completely stumped; why would it work fine for 6 months after changing gfx card (and vendors), just for it to return 6 months later!?! This defies any logic!!! My PC is now out of warranty and I don't have the money, (or the will) to buy another one.

Any ideas on how to fix, or even know how I can replicate this error consistanty so I can try taking out other parts to see what "works"?


Window 7 64-bit Intel i3 3.2Ghz dualcore CPU MSI Wind Nvidia Geforce 450 GTS 4GB RAM (2x2GB) Gigabyte H55M-UD2H Motherboard

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:12 12 Aug 2011

Try right click on your desktop then click on the nvidia control panel then in set physx configuration chose disabled then apply see what happens then.

  tonyB1983 14:42 12 Aug 2011

There's no option to disable. Only options are to select a PhysX processor: "Auto-select" (Default), Gfx card, or CPU :(.

Using latest drivers

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:41 12 Aug 2011

I suggest you Google "nvlddmkm stopped responding" and see if you can find anything that works for you.

I did Google it and spent some time reading from the results. Unfortunately my conclusions are that the problem has been known about for several years, has no definitive cause and no definitive solution, however, you may find a solution that works from the many suggested.

  gazzaho 15:54 12 Aug 2011

Make sure the card is well ventilated, I had a bricked nvidia card which kept displaying the nviddmkm stopped responding and recovered message while playing games, and believe overheating to be the cause of the fault. Eventually the card expired, it still runs Windows 7 in 2D but Aero and games don't work with it.

I bought a new Radion graphics card and when installing it moved cards around on the motherboard to ensure good air circulation and haven't had problems since, I also don't have the GPU over clocked as this generates additional heat, if I was thinking of GPU over clocking I would consider additional cooling for the card.

I'm not saying the problems you have are the same as mine, but I believe good cooling of the graphics card to be the remedy for the nviddmkm issue, others may disagree however.

  tonyB1983 16:25 12 Aug 2011

Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated :)

I checked temperature on my old ATI card and it was underclocked so sitting idle around 40 degrees I think, reaching around 60 degrees under load of WoW.

Not sure about temps of current gfx card, but I've not overclocked it at all; everything is at standard rate. I'll check to see if any dust is blocking the heatsink / fan but it's fairly new so should be ok :/


  gazzaho 21:42 12 Aug 2011

Heat may not be the cause of the problem you are having then, 60 degrees is In no way excessive for a card. I would imagine 90 degrees or over to be more concern. As I say heat seemed to be my problem, I changed from being a long term user of nvidia to ATI because of the problem even though the nviddmkm problem seems to be non manufacturer specific, I haven't had a problem from the change, touch wood, and I hope it stays that way.

I'm guessing though that your card is on it's way to brickdom, once I started getting the "recovered" messages onscreen it was only a matter of time before permanent failure, so be prepared for the purchase of a new card in the future, let's just hope it doesn't come to that!

Best of luck is all I can say.

  tonyB1983 11:59 15 Aug 2011

I was fearing that. I've already replaced my graphics card once, so don't really want a second going within a year.

Must be something elsewhere in the machine that's the root of the problem; only things I can think of is RAM (I've run the memtest86 program to see if anything's up with the memory and everything passed fine), motherboard (which is a pain to replace, so would rather leave that till last) or the power supply (may be?). I guess it could be a hard drive fault, but it doesn't "look like" a problem with that...

When you say that games don't work with your card anymore, what do you mean? Do you mean that trying to run one just locks up your pc or does it crash to desktop with error, etc?

  gazzaho 20:08 16 Aug 2011

The games either crash, video gets corrupted or just won't work at all, anything to do with 3D and game effects had trouble. To be honest 2D type games like card games on Windows may work, I never tried playing them to find out though, but games like Crysis and the like crashed on startup or similar.

As you've found there's no definitive cause or remedy for the problem. What you might try is reverting to older drivers, when i had the problems some speculated at the time that newer drivers were pushing the hardware too much and causing the crashes, I tried most things suggested with little difference however.

I myself am convinced it's due to heat, but that's my opinion, I don't think it related to memory, hard drive or motherboard problems. The power supply may play a part but I'm still using the same one now without issues, although when thinking about the motherboard, the PCI-E interface between motherboard and graphics card is the one constant between all graphics cards and all computer motherboards, an inherent flaw in that connection would cause problems irrespective of card or motherboard manufacturer, this is pure speculation on my part however.

Sorry I've nothing positive to add, all I can say is I'll cross my fingers for you and hope you find a cure.

  tonyB1983 11:59 17 Aug 2011

Well thanks for you help mate, much appreciated :)

From what I've read, this type of error is incredibly generic and can relate to any number of different problems, with many different solutions. I'm unconvinced that drivers cause this issue, but I know others are defiant in this being the problem.

The crash hasn't happened for the last few days since I updated to latest Nvidia drivers (that have just been released I believe) and changing WoW's EPI setting to DirectX 9 down from DirectX 11 (seems to be a bit smoother running too). Come to think of it, it was originally set on DX9 and a while after I changed it to DX11 which started these TDR crashes. However, I'm sceptical that this has fixed it, this problem has a habit of coming back unannounced.

Perhaps the crashes I had with the old ATI card are completely unrelated to this one. The "way" in which it crashes is very different from before (doesn't lock up my PC with vertical coloured lines anymore), but still returns the same TDR error.

I'll post back if I get another one of these crashes. Hopefully this may help others who may be trawling forums looking for an answer to this problem also.

  gazzaho 13:33 17 Aug 2011

As I said before, when I got the error games never crashed, I got a message stating the error occurred and recovered. Games usually continued to play but with a lot of glitching in the graphics until I restarted the game, if I remember correctly Sacred 2 was the first game where this manifested, I'm not suggesting the game was to blame just that that was my first encounter with the problem. A month or so after that the card bricked.

Now you mention Direct X, that perhaps, would explain my card working with Windows but not with games or Aero as they need it to run the effects, you may be onto something there with additions added between versions 9 and 11, although it would be strange that MS and the graphics card giants haven't resolved the problem if it is a Direct X issue.

Let's just hope that you have, if not cured the problem, at least lessened the chance of a reoccurrence.

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