Nvidia+AMD Processor+WinXP=CRASH

  pj1664 21:17 01 Feb 2005

This is bugging me, I have an AMD processor with a Nvidia graphic card using WinXP, each time I load drivers for my Nvidia card win xp becomes very unstable and tends to reboot more frequently. I have downloaded drivers from Nvida for winXP I have also downloaded 4 in 1 driver for my VIA chip for winXP. Is there a better driver I could use for my graphic card? This is a hunch! It might be that the intergrated graphic card could be clashing with my Nvidia thats causing to conflict, if this is the case how do I disable this in the BIOS? I have been there but I don't know what exectly to disable, there is no mention of any graphic card. I have gone down the list of on board pherapals but cant find anything that relate to graphics. I am just gussing here, perhaps someone might know or have the same sort of problem that could help me rectify this. Thanks for any feedback that might help.

  canard 21:32 01 Feb 2005

There are issues with Nvidia cards and Via mobos. You'll have to dig deep in Google to find out more.

  freaky 21:50 01 Feb 2005

You say that you have an integrated graphics card which would be on your MOB.

This is possibly causing a conflict with your PCI Nvidia Card, hence your problem.

Is there anyway you could disable the integrated Graphics Card ?

  citadel 21:59 01 Feb 2005

Download your motherbord manual, this will have info about bios settings.

  citadel 22:02 01 Feb 2005

There will probably be something like "init display first" and will have 2 settings agp or pci.

  PA28 22:31 01 Feb 2005

Go to Nvidia website click here and download driver version 66.93 - save it into a folder that you will remember. This is a WHQL certified driver so is cleared to work with XP. Do as Citadel suggests and go into your BIOS and ensure that Initial Display is set to AGP. Then go into Device Manager (My Computer>Properties>Hardware>Device Manager) and remove your existing Display Adaptor. Reboot. If your card is detected, elect not to install drivers - this will leave you with a bog standard VGA display which will look awful. Then run the Nvidia Drivers from the folder in which you downloaded it - it's an .exe file so will run by double clicking and will install the 66.93 drivers. Then set up your display by rightclicking the desktop and selecting properties in the usual way.

  pj1664 23:15 01 Feb 2005

Thanks guys I will try that.

  pj1664 12:22 02 Feb 2005

Sorry guys, I have tried it to the letter but no joy.Both My son's and my pc which has a intal chip and win xp works fine with Nvidia cards but this computer which has a VIA chip seems to be causing the problem. could it be that the VIA chip and Nvidia has a confliction. Is anyone aware of this? I would be greatfull for any information that might help.

  PA28 14:04 02 Feb 2005

Have a look through the release notes issued by Nvidia click here. There are some known issues with Via chipsets so this may help if you know what chipset you have?

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