NVidia6800GT card fan - should it always spin?

  AllThumbs 22:15 22 Feb 2006

I've got a pc cutting out problem which I'm trying to solve.

System is : m/b Gigabyte (8IK1100)

Chipset : Intel i875PE,cpu : Intel Pentium 4 @ 3200 MHz, Memory : 3072 MB, Video Card : Nvidia Corp GeForce 6800 GT [NV40.5]

Today I checked all the connections, cleaned dust out of various fans and then rebooted. I had the pc on it's side with the cover off and was just sitting checking out tempertures on the desktop when I noticed the graphics card's fan had stopped turning.

Does anyone know if the card's fan should always be spinning no matter what exertion the pc is under? (after all with the cover off and the pc just sitting in windows it wasn't exactly being pushed).

If not then my cut outs could be caused by the graphics card overheating, or even the interior temp of the pc getting too high. There are only fans on the northbridge, cpu, graphics card and psu with 2 case fans at the front.

Many thanks

would have thought the fan should always be spinning even with no graphic apps running

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:26 22 Feb 2006

control panel theres an option box to keep the fan running all the time, so all things being equal I would presume the 6800 runs on a similar control system i.e. the fan won't be running all the time. The card has a thermosensor device which could be used to switch on the fan when required.

  BigMoFoT 23:09 22 Feb 2006

6800 GT cards in Sli mode and the fans should ALWAYS be running! These cards are too powerful not to have a fan running...

  keef66 09:54 23 Feb 2006

Do you get any kind of error message when it cuts out?

Try running it with just 1 stick of ram

  AllThumbs 10:53 23 Feb 2006

No error message, it's just like someone turns of the power at the plug, system shuts down all power, though keyboard numblock remains on.

SLI system is going to run twice as hot and then some I'd think, but even with a single card, with 256ram on it I'd have thought the fan should run continuously.

I have an artic cooler which will fit the graphics card so I may try replacing the current fan system with this and see if 1) the fan still stops, or 2) it solves the cut outs.

  scotty 12:52 23 Feb 2006

My kids have a Dell with a 6800 with 256Mb memory. Fan only switches on when you start doing something which is just as well as the fan in not the quietest! I guess it has a temperature sensor to decide when the fan is needed.

  AllThumbs 13:08 23 Feb 2006

Lol and darn then cause I'm half way through changing the fans.....and in trouble .

Thanks for comments folks - will close this one and start a new one with a related but different problem :p

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