Nvidia V ATi?

  stefan-194811 16:40 21 Dec 2004


Im beginning to build my own pc, and im undecided on which graphics card to purchase.
I currently have a geforce 3 64mb agp 4x which as run every game ive played, but i thought i'd buy a new one for new build.
ive always been put off by ati cards for some reason? so i have been looking for a geforce fx5700 with tv-out & dvi 128mb agp 8x. which im looking to pay around £50-£60.
But can anyone give me some advice on what is the equilivant ati models to the fx5700, and which in your(s) opinion is the better.
Im building a athlon64 3.0+ / 1Gb DDR400 Memory / with a ASUS K8N motherboard.

All help will be gratefull.

  BITS&BOBS 18:49 21 Dec 2004

The FX5700 range goes head to head with the ATI Radeon 9600 range.

The 2 premier cards in that range are the FX5700 Ultra and the ATI 9600XT.

Both card offer best in class performance, see here for an indepth head to head review:
click here

I personally would do my upmost to spend the extra £40 and get either a ATI 9800Pro or FX5900 as they offer you double the performance of the above two and will allow much better performance with newer games.

However if it was between FX5700 ULTRA or ATI 9600XT, i would buy a 9600XT for its better DX 9 support as I like playing newer games.

  BITS&BOBS 18:53 21 Dec 2004

One last things, dont get conned into buying a 256MB version of anything lower than a ATI 9800Pro or FX5900Ultra, as cards below this only have 4 pixel piplines which means that the card cant fill the screen very fast so all that extra memory is pointless basically.

People think they are saving money and gaining performance but their cards fill rate means that they could have the whole game loadded into the cards memory but its so slow at transfering it to the screen that it makes no difference.

  stefan-194811 21:15 21 Dec 2004

i like to play games on my pc but not alot, and cuz my budget is'nt large, so i thought i'd get better parts with m/b & processor memory. So the fx5200 is'nt worth bothering with at all. and what about the fx5700le i have seen for £52.

I'm thinking of getting maybe a XpertVision FX5200LE 128MB DDR TV/DVI out. But later on i can easily invest in a better card.

Is there a better ATI card for same money, and is'nt nvidia cards better supported with a AMD chip.

  BITS&BOBS 22:26 21 Dec 2004

If I were you and spending around £50 I would buy this:
click here

As for the 5700le it's basically a very stripped down version of the standard 5700 which is not really a very powerful card.


FX 5*** LE = the bottom of the range

FX 5*** XT = second bottom of the range (lower

FX 5*** = standard spec for card.

FX 5*** ULTRA = highest perfomer of specfic card.


ATI 9*** SE = lowest performer of range

ATI 9*** = standard spec of model

ATI 9*** PRO = Higher perfomer

ATI 9*** XT = Highest performer

Yes nVIDIA and AMD do have liks of ensuring that the CPU's and GPU's work well together however to say that you will get benefit from any of the combinations at the level you are buying at is really not worth worring about.

Pay the extra £6 and get the ATI Radeon 9600 as it buy far has better DX9 performance so if you want it its there and for £6 more why not.

As for FX5200 or ATI 9200 if your really not into games there fine nothing special, but for the sake of £20 the ATI 9600 @ £56 is worth the cash.

  stefan-194811 10:07 22 Dec 2004

thats pretty conclusive from that, im taking your advice and getting the 9600.

thanks for your help as im not really clued up about graphics cards.

Happy Xmas!

  simonp1 10:20 22 Dec 2004

If you can stretch..you can get a 9700 pro for £94. For the money its the best card around...here are a few links

click here

click here

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