Nvidia update problem!!

  Housten 17:18 12 Jan 2013

Dear Sirs,

I am hoping somebody will have the knowledge to help me with an Nvidia problem.

I was informed yesterday that not only had Nvidia discovered a serious problem with their software but that they had a solution for it,and I should immediately download the file and install it on my computer. As I have an ‘Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT’ graphics card with 256 MB on board ram, with – according to the ‘Nvidia Control Panel’ in my computer’s Control Panel – ‘Driver Version 270.61’ I thought I should do so promptly. But when I tried to update – as I thought my driver – the Nvidia file couldn’t find the previous Nvidia on my computer!!! I just feel that I have done something wrong or that Nvidia have let themselves down by writing a bad bit of software.

Just to let you know what I have done after I download the file – 169 MB!!!! – I got it to run straight away. It installed itself – I think – in the folder which it decided upon and it installed the files. Then it said ‘checking system compatibility’ and then said I didn’t have any Nvidia products on the computer by showing a graphic which had the heading ‘System Check’ and alongside it ‘Nvidia Installer cannot continue’, another heading of ‘License Agreement’ and alongside that ‘The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware’!!

So I then downloaded the file and saved it. Then, today, I went through my hard drive and thought I had found two alternative folders, and tried running the file again. But I got the same result again!

The fact that I appear to have an Nvidia driver on my computer but that Nvidia are so bad at writing updates that their software can not find it, itself is very troubling. There may well be a way of determining the folder that ‘Nvidia Control Panel’ is in from the details listed in their ‘Nvidia Control Panel’, but I can not see how to get at this information, which may be the only way I have of finding out where to install the update.

Any comments/information/advice you could give me would be very gratefully received.

  northumbria61 17:29 12 Jan 2013

Use this link to go to the Nvidia website enter link description here- from the headings select Drivers - GE Force Drivers - choose to Auto Detect your GPU or do it manually. You should be able to see your current version via Control Panel - Programs and Features.

I have Nvidia 7600GS and the driver for that is currently Version 285.62 Hope this helps

  Ian in Northampton 18:53 12 Jan 2013

Housten: when you say you were "informed yesterday that not only had Nvidia discovered a serious problem with their software but that they had a solution for it,and I should immediately download the file and install it on my computer" - how did this manifest itself? My immediate thought was that you'd been the victim of some sort of malware attack - although the size of the file you subsequently downloaded is typical of the NVIDIA driver, and is much too large for e.g. a trojan or virus. I take it your PC seems unaffected by whatever you've downloaded? And: was your graphics card working fine before you were alerted to the 'problem' - and is it still working OK?

Fyi, I'm a long time user of - and admirer of - NVIDIA graphics products and, while they're not 100% trouble-free, they're no more or less so than any other manufacturer and probably more reliable - in my experience - than ATI/AMD. That prompts me to ask: have you Googled your problem to see if others are experiencing it? If it were indeed a bad piece of software, I'd expect the user community to be up in arms about it. A quick look seems to say that's not the case.

  iscanut 18:58 12 Jan 2013

I agree with Ian. Sounds like a malware email ! Not the sort of email I would have expected to get from NVidia, I would suggest that you run a scan with your malware/antivirus program just in case. Otherwise follow northumbria61's advice.

  northumbria61 19:00 12 Jan 2013

Ian in Northampton - Just to test things out (I normally don't update unless I have a problem) I have just updated my Nvidia 7600GS in the last hour via the Nvidia website choosing the Auto Detect method. No problems going from my then current v285.62 to latest v306.97 Like you I am a long time user of Nvidia and have never used anything else or had any problems to date.

  Ian in Northampton 19:21 12 Jan 2013

iscanut2: yeah - like one of those phishing emails purportedly from HSBC or about FedEx packages. 99% of the time, the recipient doesn't bank with HSBC or isn't expecting a FedEx package - but there's the 1% who do/are: it only takes a small percentage of them to fall for it... (Or the Microsoft support scam, come to think of it.)

The more I think about it, the more suspicious it sounds. NVIDIA don't just email their users as, I don't think, they don't know who they are. A pop-up warning sounds unlikely. Perhaps Housten heard from a friend?

northumbria61: that's a good test. Which prompts me to ask Housten if he recalls - or still has - the URL from which he downloaded the driver.

  Housten 00:19 13 Jan 2013

Good evening, Gentlemen,

Can I first of all get rid of the inferences in the from comments from Ian in Northampton and iscanut2. What I was trying to avoid doing was to give publicity to a particular organisation, but I feel I have been forced into doing just that! I receive emails from 'Windows Secrets' and, OK! OK!!, I made a mistake!! In yesterday's email there was a description in which it was stated there was a problem and a link to the website, which I have just followed again, and note that the date the website has for the release of the update is 5th January 2013. The Version reference number is 310.90, with a size of 169.42 MB. Also I didn't want to say that I had tried an Nvidia update before which turned out to be a disaster - in that I had to wipe out the update - it took about 4 or 5 goes if I remember correctly, which is unlikely - and eventually had to download the version I had had and then re-install it!!

There is nothing wrong with my screen but 'Windows Secret' have been very good and trustworthy for some time. So although I was sceptical of installing the update because of the above, but I trust the emails and so I went for the update! Because northumbria61 has included a link I will try that and see what happens. Afterwards I will let you know what the result is/was!! The reason I am not doing this right away is because I am writing this on my wife's laptop - which doesn't have any Nvidia applications on it! - and I will try the update later this morning - that is in about 10 or 11 hours!!!!!!

Many thanks for all your posts and advice.

  Housten 13:06 13 Jan 2013

Good afternoon, Gentlemen,


Well I am just back from following your link, and am now quite concerned!!! Initially I followed your advice and went for the auto-detect, and after more than two minutes scanning my computer it failed. Went for re-scan, failed. Went for windows 7 64Bit 'manual' scan, failed. Filled in feedback, but that won't do me any good, it will only let them know that their software can not find a 6 year old GeForce card!!!

What I am now concerned about is : Was I scammed by Mesh 6 years ago?? Obviously much, much too late to do anything about it now - especially as they went bust. OK, they have been resurrected but will the 'new' Mesh accept responsibility for the 'old' Mesh?? I think the answer would/will be a resounding 'NO'!!!

Anyway, my screen seems to be working fine so, as they say, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'!! From what 'Windows Secret' was saying the upgrade got rid of a problem and improved screen displays in games. I do not play games - OK I play the occasional game of solitaire while waiting for my computer to do a backup or something similar - so this is not a concern. It seems I will have to let things stand as they are!!

One final point. I tried to use 'My Posts', but this didn't work and I have noted the FE's comments on this. BUT I have noted something elae and I am wondering if anyone else has the same problem. When I click on 'Tech Help Forum' and get the list of all the posts and I click on - well what I call it - the slider it takes anything upto to 20 seconds before it will re-act. The same thing happens when I click on a query and try to read the query and the posts attached to it!! This has only started happening in the last few days, has anyone else noticed this??

Many thanks in anticipation, Housten

  john bunyan 13:27 13 Jan 2013

Maybe download and run SIW- it will tell you all your PC hardware details.See


From: john bunyan

  john bunyan 13:40 13 Jan 2013

Also from john bunyan. I have a Nvidia 7800GTX with a 5 year old 64 bit windows desktop and the last update also installed v 306.97. A small green icon appeared in the toolbar and gives a control panel. On the help heading there is a check for updates bit; mine is up to date.I think all the 7 series have the same windows drivers. I assume you have tried updating with the downloaded driver using device manager to update the card?

  Housten 14:59 13 Jan 2013

Good Afternoon,

john bunyan,

Well thank you for SIW, I don't know whether I am impressed or scared!! It said there are 179 devices on my computer!!! I find that quite intimidating!!!

Anyway it states that I have an NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT, which is something of a comfort. What is not a comfort however is that SIW took about 30 or maybe 40 seconds - could have been less - to find out what appears to be hundreds of pieces of information about the card, but the incompetent software - that is me being kind!! to NVIDIA - takes more than two minutes AND can not find it!!! BAFFLING!!!

SIW states that 'Device Desc NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT' and 'Driver Version'. If anyone wants any particular pieces of information, please ask and I will post as soon as possible! There was what I took as the serial number of the the card listed, but it was about 20 or 25 characters long so I didn't bother writing it down, but if it is wanted it can be got very simply.

You have also made me think, I know a world shattering event ( talk to my wife about that!!! ). I think I will go to the 'NVIDIA Control Panel' which appears within my computer's 'Control Panel' and see what happens if there is an update button, and I press it! Should have thought of that before!!

Many thanks for all your help.


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