Nvidia sparkle 6600 card wont fit in PCI slot

  Tonycooper3 20:20 06 May 2005


Just building my own machine and have found my Nvidia sparkle 6600GT card wont fit in any of the available PCI slots - I have an asus A8V deluxe wireless motherboard.

It doesn't seem to fit the one AGP slot either...

Do I have the wrong card or am I being thick?

Help appreciated


  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:25 06 May 2005

a pci-e (express) card ? see the photo on this site click here

Don't know if your motherboard supports pci-e. Otherwise you probably need an AGP card.

  garrema 20:28 06 May 2005

The 6600 cards are quite small so do you mean there is no room or do you mean you don't know which slot is which
You need to know if you have bought an AGP or a PCI card - does it not say on the box?

Do not try to force it into any slot to see if it will fit.

Check out the mobo mfg website and it will probably have a schematic there and then find out what type of card you have bought.

The fit into the slot should be snug but never force it.

  Technotiger 20:32 06 May 2005

Hi, the Sparkle is a PCIe (Express) card - will not fit in either pci or agp.


  Tonycooper3 20:47 06 May 2005

Shit, looks like the motherboard I have bought doesn't have a PCI express slot - that's really annoying.

I've already fitted it into the case etc - wonder if I could send it back and swap it for something else?

  Technotiger 20:48 06 May 2005

Probably easier/cheaper to change Graphics card.

  Technotiger 20:52 06 May 2005

PCIe is a feature of newer mobo's. In time, probably within two years, all mobo's will be PCIe. PCI and AGP will be phased out roughly during the same time scale or perhaps a little longer.


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