NVidia refresh rate only 60hz

  noddy800 01:02 15 Nov 2003

I have a Nvidia Gforce FX5200 128meg, +17" Proview Monitor .Downloaded latest drivers, but can still only get 60hz refresh ??? Can anyone Help Please or contact {[email protected]}

  soy 01:12 15 Nov 2003

Download and run refreshforce: click here

It will overide the XP 60Hertz problem.

  hugh-265156 01:13 15 Nov 2003

at what resolution are you only getting 60hz is the monitor capable of a higher refresh rate at this resolution?

is this in windows or in games or both?

what version of windows?

if its xp

click start/control panel/performance and maintenance/display/settings/advanced/monitor

tick the "hide modes this monitor cannot display" box

choose the highest available.

if its in games then try click here

  The Sack 03:03 15 Nov 2003

On the lastest nVidia fartware drivers there is an option to vertical sync the monitor under D3D. Something that seems to have passed you two by.

Change that to always off and the application will then chose the framerate.

BTW 60Hz is way too low for a monitor it will hurt your head, set it to at least 75Hz. 60Hz is the default for Proview (and other) monitors. If its a TFT though 60Hz is fine.

  noddy800 17:46 15 Nov 2003

to The Sack,
Win ME not XP. Tried Vertical Sync but when I reboot and go to properties I still only have a choice of Default, optimal or 60hz.
When I had my Gforce 2 64 meg, I had a choice upto 85hz. The only Monitor patch I can find is for XP and dosnt seem to work on mine.

  hugh-265156 23:11 15 Nov 2003
  hugh-265156 23:12 15 Nov 2003

then click here

  ukiri 23:32 15 Nov 2003

search for a utility called powerstrip.it lets you configure all your card settings

  noddy800 00:31 18 Nov 2003

Found that by dropping screen res from 1280-960 to 1280-768 everything comin up roses
Thanks to everyone who answered me

  penny 01:41 18 Nov 2003

Thanks, using your instructions for display settings in XP I changed my setting from 60 to 85. Cheers Penny

  alcudia 08:34 18 Nov 2003

Sorry to butt in, Just copying to my p's as I have a geForce running at 60hz and this might help


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