Nvidia raid(0) partitioning problems

  a member 19:07 25 Sep 2007

after a troublesome install of windows XP 64 PRO on a pair of seagate sata 2 drives configured nvidia raid (0) array I find that any attempt to run partition magic results in a partition table error #110 I have retraced my steps by the book and reinstalled everything several times , updated to the latest bios and tried just about everything .
is this a known fault with nvidia raid (onboard) or maybe even an XP64 bit oddity I dont know (first time with 64 bit.
however the OS is wonderfull and is blisteringly fast using it on the array with no partitions . showing no problems and healthy as far as the raid software is concerned.
anyone had this problem before .
anyway if I cannot partition the array then my recently purchased HyperOS(vista version) will be useless .
error 110 is to do with incorrect partition table info and also shows up as bad mbr , I have used the seagate diagnostic tools to correct this , but as soon as I use nvidia raid it crops up again , but only when I try to use partition magic .
any help ?

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