Nvidia or Asus Nvidia drivers?

  Thurrafork 11:30 19 Dec 2005

Hi folks
Recently got a new system with a Asus 7800GTX graphics card. The driver was nearly up to date but not quite so I got the latest (81.95) from the nvidia website. But I've been looking through the Asus cd that came with my comp, and from that looking at the Asus website. There the latest driver for my card is 81.89, but it's 43MB in size - seems larger than the standard nvidia drivers. Basically my query is are there advantages to using the asus nvidia drivers? Are there extra bits and pieces to optimize the Asus version of the 7800GTX? Or should I stick with the drivers from nvidia.com? Also, the cd has some Asus advanced drivers - will these only be compatible with the Asus nvidia drivers, or will they work with the driver i downloaded? Finally, the cd also includes VGart drivers - something to do with Pci-Express - should I install these?

  Totally-braindead 13:01 19 Dec 2005

Without seeing specifically what extras these Asus drivers have its impossible to advise. The standard driver is 29mb and the english one is about 20mb. Personally I would use the drivers from Nvidia as these are always more up to date. If there is a problem then you can always delete them and reinstall the Asus ones.

  Thurrafork 14:48 19 Dec 2005

Thanks Totally, yeah I'm using the latest nivida driver from nvidia.com and it seems fine, I just wondered is the asus nividia driver would have some stuff specific for their version of the 7800 - I don't know maybe somekind of specific optimization in the driver to get more out of their card. I know the additional 'enhanced' asus drivers on my asus cd include some utilities for setting clock speed etc, I don't know if they would work in conjunction with the standard nvidia drivers.
Guess I'll just give them a try and see what happens.

  sharkfin 16:45 19 Dec 2005

Generally, Drivers you get from the manufacturers website i.e ASUS are Nvidia tweaked ones that are tuned to take advantage of the capabilities of your specific card.

I would recommend that if the driver version on the ASUS website aren't too far behind the latest on the nvidia site, then i would go for the ASUS ones.

  Totally-braindead 18:52 19 Dec 2005

Further to this the only way I think you could tell would be to try it with one set of drivers, benchmark it and then load up the other set and benchmark it again. I was thinking of using something like 3dmark however the 3dmark program is a huge download and since you have a high end card I see little point of getting an extra few frames per second.

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