nvidia gt 8600 graphics card

  User-1284274 17:29 17 Aug 2008

hi all i have just installed a nvidia gt8600 1gb ddr2 graphics card in my machine
drivers and every thing went in ok
but when i try to run a game ie flight simulator
it stays on while you do the settings
but when the game starts it crashes my computer
can any one tell me why this is
cheers neil

  Joe R 17:33 17 Aug 2008


you are maybe setting the graphic detail too high, as flight simulators will be very greedy with graphics.

Try setting your graphic detail a little lower.

  User-1284274 17:39 17 Aug 2008

its not just flight simulator its most games

  Armchair 18:53 17 Aug 2008

Thanks. Will try K-Lite Standard now.

  Armchair 18:55 17 Aug 2008

No difference! Audio, but no video.

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