Nvidia GT 555M Low FPS problem

  EiiaN1 06:46 14 Nov 2014

Hi everyone,

I dont know when this happen but suddenly I couldn't play any games with high quality of graphic, I'm getting a very low FPS. For example, dota2, I able to play it with the lowest quality in settings with the integrated graphics at around 60 FPS. When i switch to the Nvidia graphic, i get around 15 fps even at lowest graphic setting, not to mention high graphic setting. Anyway to solve this problem?

Best regards, Eiian

  northumbria61 11:35 14 Nov 2014

I am not sure how I would go about this problem but there may be something here that may help Nvidia Low FPS Fix

  EiiaN1 12:46 14 Nov 2014

Hi northumbria61,

Have tried the solution , no luck i guess.. The problem still persist..

  northumbria61 07:01 15 Nov 2014

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