nvidia graphics probs

  gourdis 21:54 17 Aug 2004

daughter was on net today, screen went blank while she was browsing pc was on but nothing on screen, i restarted the pc, and now i have 640 x 480 pixels and low colour quality (4bit). I've tried re-installing the card, installing latest driver, even tried repairing windows incase it was caught in some wierd loop. The card is GeForce2 Ultra, XP, ASUS mobo. 1800 amd. Any help would be much appreicated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:58 17 Aug 2004

Its not looking good.

If you have removed / refitted card in AGP slot and re installed / undated drivers and still same.

Only other suggestion is check in BIOS is AGP set OK there?

  gourdis 22:00 17 Aug 2004

fruit bat, not sure what you mean?

  woodchip 22:05 17 Aug 2004

You have not disabled the Icon in system tray have you??? one of the items that needs to run is ndxtw9x there may be others. as I tried disabling in MSCOFIG and I was getting all kinds of weird things happening to my mouse etc. until I restored them.

  woodchip 22:06 17 Aug 2004


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:08 17 Aug 2004

Reboot PC on first screen will say something like press del to enter setup.

This takes you into the BIOS, means Basic Input Output System.
BIOS is actually firmware, the software that is programmed into a ROM (Read-Only Memory) chip built onto the motherboard of a computer. BIOS is what makes the system run an initial Power-On Self-Test of the computer, initialize circuits, load the boot program from the boot disk, and then handle low-level I/O to peripheral controllers such as keyboard and display.

DO NOT mess with BIOS if unsure of what you are doing Look but dont change anything. Wrong settings in BIOS can stop your PC from booting or evan fry your processor.

Usually the Advanced scree will have the setting for AGP slot and should allow you to change from x4 to x8 depending on your board.

  gourdis 21:10 19 Aug 2004

thanks for the input, fruitbat, woodchip.
The prob is the graphics card is duff. I put it into another system and same fault.

Thanks again

  joethebow 22:06 19 Aug 2004

It will have the same fault unless you installed the drivers on that PC as well.

I have had simmilar problems in the past. The solution that always worked for me was to:

1. Open Controll Panel.
2. Go to Hardware Profiles.
3. Delete the Video Driver.
4. Restart the PC, the drivers automaticaly reinstall.
5. You may have to restart the PC again
6. All should be well.

If this doesn't work download the latest drivers from the Nvidia website. I have found several DOS games that change the video driver and don't reset it when you exit the game.

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