nVIDIA graphics prob ???

  VTEC18 22:39 20 May 2005

Windows XP SP2
Graphics card - GeFORCE FX5600 Ultra.

Help PLEASE. When I close a particular game, Americas Army v2.4, the graphics seem to freeze, it looks like a million tiny circuit boards on the screen. I can sometimes, blindly, open another game behind all of that, then the problem disappears. This only occurs with AA and not any other game/application.
Can anybody please advise, cheers.

  timeteam2004 22:46 20 May 2005
  Completealias 23:10 20 May 2005

I had a similar problem with GTA vice city once I'd updated the graphics drivers thou no more garbled display. Might well be worth a try

  garrema 23:53 20 May 2005

I have experience of a 5600 and while a capable card it would not work at any reasonable resolution (max 1024x768) with any AA or AF. Its not upto it.
If your problem is only with AA & AF switched on then go into the card settings and turn to off.

  VTEC18 00:43 21 May 2005

Thanks Completealias, fellas, updating the driver seems to have resolved the issue for now, I can close the game and get my normal desktop back. Thanks again.

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