Nvidia Graphic Card Blackout Problem

  Phoenix40 21:30 14 Jul 2012

Hello i seem to be having a regular problem with my latest Nvidia 8400S graphic card. It was installed by an computer engineer before last Xmas to replace a similar one that came with my computer when i purchased it. What happens when im playing a computer game either from desktop but especially online and also yesterday when i was watching a stream film. The screen would suddenly blackout sometimes after a short while it will correct itself and come back up. Otherwise it will completely remain blackout and i will have to restart the computer again. When it does come back up it will say theres an error with the graphic card etc. on the bottom menu. I have been updating the drivers for the graphic card each time but it has been happening sometime and now with more frequency so i wonder if someone can explain what can be the cause or if there is some way i can correct this? Thanks a lot.

  lotvic 01:02 15 Jul 2012

It could have worked slightly loose in it's socket on the motherboard. When they get hot under pressure (streaming vid/playing game) you get expansion and if it's not firmly plugged in it will slightly rise up, then when it cools/is not under pressure it contracts and works okay again.

Unplug pc from mains electric, ground yourself or touch a radiator to discharge any static electric from yourself then take the side off your pc and reseat the card (take it out of it's socket and then put it back in) also check for any loose cable connections inside and out the tower case while you're at it :)

With any luck that has been causing the problem and should fix it.

  Phoenix40 02:27 15 Jul 2012

Hello thank you for your advice and i will try and do that when i can as im not use to dealing with a tower unit computer and thats why i had an engineer to put in a new board.

One other thing while i was looking up on the problem i was reading about updating the Nvidia graphic card drivers.And it says i should have removed the previous drivers first. But when i went to open my Nvidia Control Panel to see if there any updates i am unable to do it. I get an error message about M/Soft Visual C++Runtime Library And and error with a file called Rundll32.exe Is there anyway i can restore this file? I have Wins Vista on my system. Looks like somethingis corrupted. Thanks for any help.

  KRONOS the First 03:41 15 Jul 2012

These days it is not necessary to remove older drivers before installing new ones.


You do not say what games you are playing but the 8400GS is a very poor gaming card, I would look at upgrading it if you want to play games.

  Terry Brown 10:24 15 Jul 2012

The easiest way to install new drivers over old ones is to start in safe mode, install drivers and reboot normally. The new drivers will automaticly take over.

While in start mode disconnect the modem as you will have no (or very limited) anti-virus protection.


  hssutton 13:29 15 Jul 2012

Have just replaced the graphics card in my sons PC for a similar reason. The fan was running very slowly causing overheating

  Phoenix40 14:32 15 Jul 2012

Thank you all for your help and ideas. I admit i didnt realise graphic card boards had fans until i saw the engineer replacing my board. Is there anyway i can tell if its overheating by checking on my computer? It just seems if i leave a game unattended sometimes especially connected online then i end up finding the screen blacked out and have to restart the computer again.It be awhile before i have the time to open up the computer to reset the board at the moment as im not use to dealing with such things.

  KRONOS the First 16:04 15 Jul 2012

I had s similar graphics card in a box of parts which I came across the other day and the fan is a cheapo plastic thing, I tried to see if i could put a decent fan on it but no joy.

As for monitoring temps try this,GPU temp. It may or may not work with your graphics card.

  Phoenix40 19:59 15 Jul 2012

Thanks for the help. Ive downloaded that temp monitoring device it seems to be working fine. While im using the computer it seems to be showing the graphic card temp at around 60 to 65 degrees celsius is that considered safe enough? What is uasually considered rather unsafe then for the card? Thanks for any replies.

  KRONOS the First 09:20 16 Jul 2012

Whereas 60-65 degrees is not overly hot, is this when just using your PC and not playing a game.The 8400GS should run at around 45°C Idle and 63°C Load.

  Terry Brown 10:01 16 Jul 2012

All fans (especially Graphic and CPU fans tend to have a build up of dust after a while and this will affect tghe cooling procedure.

I suggest you remove the Graphic card complete with fan, place the fan on an anti static bag or plain white paper. See if the fan will spin freely- use a small object (matchstick(?), if it does not or /and it appears to have a lot of dust inside clean carefully and then remove the paper covering from the centre of the fan and apply one or two drips of fine oil (Not car oil (too heavy) and spin until it runs freely. Cover the centre witha small sticky lable or tape and replace in machine.

You should notice in difference in temperature. this procedure can be used for any fan in the computer.


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