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  Bellboy 17:09 18 Aug 2005

I have been bothered by an occasional power surge on my monitor, which does not crash the program.
Happens when not actually in use.
Not sure if its heat related.

This became frequent last night and I am concerned that something will be damaged.

I have;
Checked all connections. (in and out of case)
Reinstalled Graphics card driver.
Set "acceleration" to low.

Should I renew the Graphics card or could it be the monitor expiring. (Still under guarantee.)

Can anyone suggest any other checks, before I start buying hardware.

  howard60 17:21 18 Aug 2005

do you have a surge protector supplying your pc and monitor? if not you should have. Does this happen at a regular time interval from switching on - this could indicate a component within the monitor clearing a build up of charge.

  Bellboy 17:26 18 Aug 2005

>do you have a surge protector supplying your pc and monitor?<

Yes. But I do not think it is a mains elect prob.

Maybe not even a PC power supply prob.

Monitor is powered direct from surge protector.

I am thinking of a monitor, or graphics card fault.


  howard60 17:38 18 Aug 2005

I think this is one of them it will have to get worse so you can identify it.

  DieSse 17:42 18 Aug 2005

"I have been bothered by an occasional power surge on my monitor"

I'm not at all sure what you mean here - you might be wrongly ascribing a cause to the symptom you see. Perhaps it gets much brighter?

Please can you tell us what actually happens rather than what you think the cause is.

  Bellboy 17:54 18 Aug 2005

>Please can you tell us what actually happens<

Hard to say, actually.

Similar to "degauss"

Image seems to shrink slightly , then return.

Do'nt think any black shows, i.e. when switched off.

Problem occurred this morning, but has not happened this last 2 hours.

  Bellboy 19:39 18 Aug 2005

I should have said:

This problem has existed over two different monitors.

So, although it may have finished off my last monitor, my problem is probably not that my current monitor is faulty.

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