nVIDIA GeForce 7300GT sonic AGP8X 256MB

  Sean Low 05:15 07 Dec 2008

i using this card for my stupid old computer. Almost all game that i played before was not smooth enough.Is it really a weak card???

  citadel 12:51 07 Dec 2008

the top series 7 card was a 7950gtx so a 7300gt is a long way down the pecking order. ati 3850 agp is the best agp card.

  Totally-braindead 13:07 07 Dec 2008

Yes it is rather weak, if you do want to upgrade then you had best look at what your power supply is rated at first, in watts. Reason I mention this is that more powerful graphics cards need more power from power supplies, and this has to be stable as well, and if you do decide to upgrade them you might, depending on what power supply you already have of course, need to upgrade it as well.
As to whether its worth it, it depends on what the spec of the rest of your PC is, what you use it for and how long you intend to keep it for .
If you open the case and look at the power supply there will be a label on it that tells you the make of the power supply and the rating of it in watts.

  Sean Low 14:06 07 Dec 2008

does monitor cause the quality of the graphic???

  Sean Low 17:48 07 Dec 2008

if i use the graphic card "ati Radeon HD 3850" as citadel said, can my power supply support it??? Besides that, power supply looks so complex. I worry that i will spoil my computer when changing it, my power supply also labelled "non professional don try to open the case". Is it dan gerous to upgrade my power supply??

  MAT ALAN 17:51 07 Dec 2008

Is it dangerous to upgrade my power supply??

Only if you leave your tower plugged on with the power on, thats gonna sting a bit...

  mrwoowoo 18:15 07 Dec 2008

Rather easy to do.
Just unscrew it and take note where the connectors go and reconnect the leads in the same place.
For an instruction video click here

  Sean Low 18:18 07 Dec 2008

so conclusion, if i upgrade my power supply. The quality of my graphic card will be better???

  MAT ALAN 18:23 07 Dec 2008

You will need to check to see if your card has a direct power supply socket, in which case you will need to plug a cable into it from your PSU.

some cards do not work well when they are only drawing power from the Motherboard..

  Sean Low 18:34 07 Dec 2008

ohh... thanks for all the comments.

  Sean Low 18:59 07 Dec 2008

the video shown how to install it. But can i wear a glove to avoid damaging the components of my computer??

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