NVIDIA Geforce 6200

  Scubaman 11:19 05 Nov 2007

Hi all,
I am trying to play a DVD on my computer and get the message that WMP cannot play DVD, problem with digitial copy protection between DVD drive, decoder and video card, try installing updated driver for video card. I have downloaded and installed the latest driver but still no joy. NVIDIA have no staff dedicated to offering technical support and/or answering queries!! Any ideas?

  anskyber 11:35 05 Nov 2007

It could be that the player copies the DVD first rather than just playing it as a result the DVD copyright protection will not allow the copy to take place?

  Scubaman 11:51 05 Nov 2007

Hi anskyber, Does this mean I have to replace my DVD or install a DVD that just plays DVD's?

  anskyber 11:54 05 Nov 2007

Try a different media player, I have no experience of the one suggested by wjrt but you could give it a try.

  Scubaman 11:59 05 Nov 2007

Thanks wjrt, Downloaded the media player and it works fine, my wife will be pleased, I can never get at he DVD/TV for Emerdale,Corry etc, etc. Thanks again.

  johnnyrocker 12:08 05 Nov 2007

for info anything vlc will not pay has to be corrupt or u/s in some way as it will play anything that is ok.


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