nvidia geforce 4

  johnnyrocker 15:46 08 Mar 2006

i updated the drivers the other day with the help of you good folks, today i thought i would check out the performance on my tv and found that the only display on tv was desktop without icons and in black and white no matter what i was watching on pc, after fiddling around with settings for graphics card and tv tool i was able to restore full tv operation, my problem now is that when i play content on pc i get sound but no pic but tv images are fine, i have one or two players like vlc etc all are the same what have i done please? xp pro sp2 and above graphics


  johnnyrocker 16:29 08 Mar 2006

been playing some more and find that in nvidia settings when switched to clone view pc behaves ok but tv shows sound but no vision, situation is reversed when switched to dual view.


  johnnyrocker 18:43 08 Mar 2006

any evening takers?


  johnnyrocker 19:08 08 Mar 2006

yes that was what restored the colour for me, the prob is i can see the media player on the tv and get sound from any content being played but no vision, and vice versa between pc and tv, i used to be able to have both working ok at the same time before for making videos etc.at the moment it seems i can only have one or the other even though tv tool is set to display items on both at the same time.


  johnnyrocker 23:11 08 Mar 2006

any takers on the ghost shift please?


  johnnyrocker 23:46 08 Mar 2006

i shall up it once more for offers then close it and system restore prior to this 'wonderfull' update which screwed it all


  johnnyrocker 09:30 09 Mar 2006

yes i have and it makes no difference, acolyte that is what i am going to do if i get nowhere with current prob.


  johnnyrocker 13:37 09 Mar 2006

i have done system restore and now have no colour on tv, i have forgotten where the settings for format are ie pal/ntsc any ideas please?


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